Afghanistan: Hypocritical silence in the face of brutality

by Muhammad Jalal

This week an entire 13-member family was massacred in an aerial bombardment on Sabzie village in Naghaan area of Arghandab district, Kandahar province. The sufferings of ordinary Afghans continue as the enemies of Afghanistan bleed the nation at a time when hopes for a long-lasting peace are higher than ever. This bombardment resulted in killing of men, women and innocent children. Similar brutality and crimes have been happening throughout the past 19 years of the American occupation. The is a stark reminder for everyone that the war in Afghanistan has been imposed on innocent Afghans and is not the will of Afghans. The Mujahideen are only defending the nation from violence directed at  them.

This massacre once again shows the callousness and evil nature of puppet stooges in Kabul administration. This shows their disregard for ordinary Afghans. It shows that those leading the Kabul administration will do everything to hold onto their positions, even if they have to murder thousands of innocent women and children for it. This massacre is the work of those whom are blood thirsty war criminals and whom want to ruin the country on the behest of their foreign masters.

As innocent civilians are continuously massacred mercilessly, the hypocritical silence from the backers of this criminal regime is equal to partnering with them in their crimes. In addition, the so-called champions of human rights along with the free and fair media are also silent on these crimes. There is no call for accountability and preserving of justice to the innocent people of Afghanistan.

These regime war criminals who are responsible for committing these horrific crimes against humanity are trained, equipped, supported and funded by their foreign masters. The disregard which they show for the lives of civilians is in fact part of their training which they have received and are still receiving. When innocent civilians are murdered by the regime, puppets in Kabul regime use the controlled media and the so-called human rights organizations to either keep silence or falsely report that they killed members of the Islamic Emirate, and such false claims are further echoed by their supporters like NATO and others. Killing civilians and claiming they were “Taliban” has become a new norm for the criminal Kabul administration. We have been witnessing this more often recently, and the bombardment of a madrasa in Kunduz where tens of children were killed is serves as another example.

The regime is doing its best to remain in power and sabotage the peace process. Their international backers such as NATO and others should understand that they will not be successful in their evil plans as the blood of innocent Afghans will not go in-vain and the resistance will only grow stronger. The last 19 years of occupation has only brought death and destruction for the Afghans. Entire villages have been wiped out and communities ruined. The hypocritical silence from the foreign backers of the regime along with media outlets, the so-called champions of democracy and defenders of human rights, proves that they all complicit in and approve of the pain inflicted on innocent civilians in rural Afghanistan.

The Kabul administration composed of warlords, criminals and mass murderers, and their foreign backers are partners and equally responsible in these crimes. The reaction of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan will continue to be stronger in response to such criminal acts and it shall continue to defend the nation against foreign invaders and its puppet Kabul regime.

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Dead consciences and Arghandab tragedy

In the unending cycle of airstrikes and war crimes, homes of common villagers in Nagahan area of Arghandab district, Kandahar, were once again mercilessly bombarded, resulting in 13 innocent souls, mostly children, martyred. The traumatic images from the site prove beyond any doubt the nature of the crime, but despite such conspicuous and irrevocable proof, both the conscience and perception of the mantle bearers of human rights seems to be dead as they miserably fail in showing any reaction.

The Arghandab bombardment came at a time when both the Kabul administration and their foreign supporters are seemingly crying for peace and campaigning for a reduction in violence to present themselves as peace-makers through such propaganda. However, they are not only pouring fuel on the fire of war in practice but have taken to increasing the tempo of indiscriminate airstrikes and other actions that amount to crimes against humanity.

Those parties that constantly advise the Islamic Emirate about the need for reducing the levels of violence in an attempt to insinuate that violence is solely being driven by the Islamic Emirate, must now take a bold stand by condemning the war crime in Arghandab along with other bombardments and brutalities. Moreover, they must force the hand of the Kabul administration to bring an end to such horrific crimes and stop the wanton killing innocent souls.

We do not understand how some malicious sides that cling to duplicitous policies can justify and remain silent in the face of such open oppression, or how they reconcile and placate their moral conscience. The fact of the matter remains that the blood of every innocent individual is precious and invaluable, and none must be allowed to spill it. But unfortunately, the sloganeers of human rights do not act on the purity of blood, rather they first assess the perpetrators and if they are associated with the Kabul forces or foreign invaders, then the automatic course of action is to adopt silence as demonstrated by the Arghandab tragedy.

The Islamic Emirate condemns such barbaric actions in the strongest terms and considers it the most extreme form of cruelty, perfidy and crime against the oppressed Afghans. The perpetrators of such crimes shall most definitely be questioned by the nation for their actions one day. This nation is not without a guardian, but has an Omnipotent and Avenging Lord. This nation has valiant sons and righteous warriors. None should take comfort in foreign support or seasonal power shifts because this nation has faced trials far more tougher than this but in the end, all its enemies have yielded and been humiliated throughout history.

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