Syria: The choice is simple: a secular Syria or chaos?

Syria: The choice is simple: a secular Syria or chaos?

Syria: The choice is simple: a secular Syria or chaos?. 50206.jpegLooking at Libya, we can see Syria. Looking at what the west did in Iraq, we can see what side not to choose; looking at the proliferation of western concentration camps from Abu Ghraib to Guantanamo Bay and hearing their hypocrisy about human rights and freedom, we can read between the lines. The choice is simple: a secular Syria or chaos.

Let the history of the first decade of this Millennium dispel once and for all the notion that the west holds the moral high ground after the years 2000 to 2013 have proved that their cold war rhetoric was bullshit, that this spiel about freedom and democracy was hypocrisy and that as in the cold war years, the west is more likely to side with terrorists than with legitimate security forces. The choice is simple: a secular Syria or chaos.

When making a choice on Syria, let us choose the right side. In so doing, let us examine the modus operandi of the west and see what it does to sovereign states and legitimate governments which it wishes to destabilize to then invade, steal their resources, deploy military hardware against their civilian structures so as to dole out billionaire rebuilding contracts among cronies and install NATO-friendly elements on the fringes of the society of the victim-state. Why? To continue doling out the contracts. It’s a business.

We could stop the article here, because after all, everything has been said. The west is not, and never has been, about the high moral ground. It is about gaining, by hook or by crook, markets for its products while simultaneously sabotaging any system which dares to compete with it. It did this for seventy years against the Soviet Union which had built a viable alternative.

Or shall we scroll back a couple of years and see the west’s modus operandi in this new millennium, which the west raped with its wars and murderous campaigns against human rights, strafing kids with missiles, sodomising prisoners, destroying water supplies “to break their backs”, spreading lies about chemical arms factories, about weapons of mass destruction…

And in Syria, they have twice insinuated that the “regime” (legitimate government of President al-Assad, more popular in proportional terms than the regimes of Cameron and Obama, as they lie in their compounds in London and Washington) has procured chemical weapons. Once, the plot to supply chemical weapons to the Syrian terrorists through Turkey was outed in this column and the attack did not materialize (but it would not have been from the Government, it would have been a false flag attack by the terrorists) and the second time, chemical weapons were used. By the terrorists.

Who created the Talebaan by supporting the Mujaheddin and aiding and financing the Madrassah in Pakistan and Afghanistan? The west. Who was financing the Chechen terrorists in Russia? The west, through Wahhabist lackey boys in the Middle East. Who was behind the Georgian escapade in 2008? Who invaded Iraq, against international law?

Who set up the Abu Ghraib concentration camp to house illegal detainees? Who sodomised and tortured prisoners? Who set up Guantanamo Bay concentration camp? Who is holding prisoners who have not even been accused of crimes?

And who is supporting the Syrian terrorists?

So, we know who not to support. International law and those who follow it are supporting President al-Assad and his heroic security forces which are fighting a victorious battle against these terrorist forces and their western masters. William Hague, David Cameron, John Kerry, Barack Obama and those sickening wannabe Napoleons in Paris should hang their heads in shame.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey


6 thoughts on “Syria: The choice is simple: a secular Syria or chaos?

  1. The “regime” in Syria, ( Is more legitimate as government of the President Al-Assad, AND MUCH, MUCH more popular in proportional terms than the regimes of Cameron and Obama ),…..L.M.A.O. 😀

      • Never forget the MOSSAD’S LOGO :….” By LIES & DECEPTION/S we shall create WARS ” 😉
        While the famous Rothchild’s owned coop known as C.I.A., fools theirs Americans with theirs logo…” THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE ” he he he 😀

        Shalom ??? HELL is bound for these SERPENTS, the HANGING ROPE is waiting for them soon.. 😀

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