Bill the Butcher ~ Syria: The Heart Of The Matter ~ Warning Graphic Content

Warning: This post contains disturbing images and video footage.

Bill the Butcher

A man wearing combat fatigue trousers and a dark jacket stands in what looks like an excavation, bending over a corpse in a military uniform. The corpse’s face and upper body are artificially blurred, but one can make out that its shirt is undone and that there’s a large gaping wound in its chest. The man in combat fatigues bends over the corpse, hacking away with a knife, and stands up with a bloody piece of flesh in each hand. The one in the right hand, clearly seen, is evidently part of the liver; in the other hand, going by what the subtitles say, is the heart. Staring into the camera, the man says “We swear to god we will eat your hearts, you soldiers of Bashar the dog…Heroes of Baba Amr, we will take out their hearts and eat them.” To the cheers (“Allahu Akbar”) of the watching people, at least one of whom is briefly visible on the right of the screen, he then bites into the heart. The video then ends abruptly.

(The video can also be watched here.)

That was a video a lot of people are suddenly talking about – a so-called “atrocity video” from Syria.

I saw this video two days ago, and only now do I feel composed enough to write coherently about it. My immediate reaction was of, I’m sorry to say, acute bloodlust – I wanted to go to Syria, take up arms, and help hunt down and exterminate these vermin one by one. Over the succeeding hours, I calmed myself enough to think of it more rationally, though in no way did it mitigate my anger. And it’s only much later that the video suddenly struck the news websites – so for once I was ahead of the curve.

Before I go any further, those of you who are long-time readers of mine may be a bit surprised at how much attention I pay to the situation in Syria. After all, I didn’t spend a fraction of this time on Libya, or even Afghanistan – and I’ve barely even mentioned Mali. This video, actually, will serve as an illustration why I think Syria is so important.

Syria, in essence, is not a civil war – it’s an international proxy war, where what I call the NATO/Arab monarchy/Al Qaeda*/Zionist Alliance (NAQZA for short) is attempting to destroy and overthrow the last secular and at least nominally socialist Arab regime. The dry run for it was in Libya in 2011, and the success there had emboldened NAQZA to try it in Syria as well. The fact that Libya disintegrated into a quite predictable warlord-run mess wasn’t of course important, because it served the purpose of NAQZA, which was always divide-and-rule; the same divide and rule strategy imperialists have used since the dawn of civilisation. As I’ve said earlier, the actual target isn’t Syria – it’s Russia and China, because to overthrow Syria would remove the only country in West Asia or North Africa capable and willing to side with Iran, and Iran is the next domino to be targeted in the run up to surrounding and isolating Russia and China.

[*For the purposes of this article I shall call the organisation Al Qaeda, though I subscribe to the viewpoint that it is basically a tool of the Empire and is correctly called Al CIAda. As I pointed out in the past, Al Qaeda and the American Empire are close allies on virtually any topic you care to name.]

It’s certainly not the fault of NAQZA that the Syrian state hasn’t collapsed.  The expectation was that it would do so, in short order, as Libya did – but, of course, that didn’t happen. One of the important reasons it didn’t happen was that NAQZA overplayed its hand in Libya, turning a UN-approved “humanitarian intervention” into a full-throated regime change operation. Neither Russia nor China was stupid enough to let that happen again in Syria.

However, NAQZA couldn’t, of course, back down – they had too much to lose. So they began a two-pronged approach – on the one hand, the various Syrian “rebels” ( a loose-knit coalition of competing gangs of criminals, defected soldiers, fundamentalist jihadists, and disaffected youth) were given a common name, the so-called Free Syrian Army, which I prefer to call the Fake Syrian Army. Meanwhile, the Al Qaeda part of the double attack on Syria was centred around a gang of jihadists called the Jabhat al-Nusra. In recent days, this has openly declared its allegiance to Al Qaeda and can be for all intents and purposes considered Al Qaeda in Syria. I shall therefore refer to it as Al Qaeda.

From the beginning, there was no particular reason to imagine that the Fake Syrian Army was anything more than a front meant to whitewash support for the “rebellion”, which was always primarily carried out by Al Qaeda. It was the same thing as was done in Libya, where Al Qaeda did the actual fighting on the ground, NATO acted as its air force, and the so-called Libyan rebel outfits were nothing more than window dressing. Parts of the Fake Syrian Army – mostly those comprising defectors – did some fighting, but as was recognised long ago, the only worthwhile fighting force was Al Qaeda.


In recent days, the Fake Syrian Army has taken two hits. The first comprises defeats on the ground, so important that even the Western propaganda mission (again, something I’ve discussed in detail before) has quit talking about the imminent fall of the Syrian government and begun discussing the terrifying possibility that Assad might actually win – unless, of course, the West immediately intervenes, if not by invading, then by providing arms.

Just how those arms are meant to only go to the Fake Syrian Army (which does not, of course, actually exist as a unified body with a command structure) and not go to Al Qaeda isn’t part of the discussion – nor can it have any meaning, because the second hit they have taken is the wholesale desertion of entire units to Al Qaeda. This, too, is something the Western propaganda media has been forced to acknowledge. But it hasn’t changed the policy of their governments – because, of course, their interest in overthrowing Syria is as keen as it ever was. So, they (primarily the British slave-vassal government of Donald Cameron) have proposed the ridiculous move of arming the Fake Syrian Army, as a means of weakening Al Qaeda, while doubling “non-lethal aid”. How exactly this is supposed to work I’m sure I couldn’t tell you, nor could anybody else.

Now, let me take a moment to explain my view of the Syrian situation. I am no particular supporter of the Syrian president, who is not just a dynast but a neoliberal, both things I cordially detest. However, I am a supporter of the Syrian people and the Syrian state, which is to say I support secular, liberal societies against fundamentalist jihadist vermin, Zionist Nazi tools, and their Western neo-colonial backers. Therefore, I fully back the Syrian armed forces (which, incidentally, are fighting for Syria, not Assad, as this report makes clear) in their campaign against the so-called “rebels”. All right so far?

As I’ve said, the Fake Syrian Army is made up of disparate gangs, which have no existence as a unified body. But, because the West needs a fig-leaf for its imperialist crusade, these no-hopers are collectively treated as the Good Guys, as compared to the Bad Guys of Al Qaeda and the Absolutely Evil Guys of the Syrian Army. That narrative never really stood up to any examination, what with the Fake Syrian Army recruiting child soldiers, murdering prisoners and mutilating corpses – and making gleeful videos of all this. But it finally ran into a brick wall with this video.

There are a few things one has to remember:

First, the video is genuine. The terrorist which mutilates the soldier’s corpse and cannibalises it has been identified. It has a name – Khalid al-Hamad, alias Abu Sakkar – and has appeared in previous videos in which it has shelled civilian villages in Lebanon. It is also the commander of one of the Fake Syrian Army’s gangs, something called the Farouq Brigade.

Let that sink in for a moment. This creature isn’t a member of the Bad Guys. It isn’t an Al Qaeda group member; it isn’t even a Fake Syrian Army defector to Al Qaeda. It is, in fact, one of the Good Guys – to whom Cameron and the other Western controllers of this democratic revolution want to send arms.

Oh, can you just imagine how democratic these people will be if they ever take power?

So, what exactly did the Fake Syrian Army’s so-called leadership (which can’t even stop its alleged troops from deserting in droves to Al Qaeda) have to say about it? While reluctantly admitting that Abu Sakkar is indeed the man in the video, it said that this


“…was an isolated incident. [His] actions do not represent the FSA. His actions only represent himself…This is not just a normal person who sits home. He has had two brothers killed. His mum and dad were detained and the rest of his family displaced.”

So, in effect, it isn’t Abu Sakkar’s fault that it cannibalised the soldier’s heart. It’s the fault of the “regime” that it was put in a position where it had no choice but to do that. Nor, of course, do the other Fake Syrian Army terrorists murder and torture prisoners or blockade Christian villages and so on; they don’t grill decapitated prisoners’ heads either – it was an isolated instance only.

This therefore did not happen

Interesting theory, isn’t it?

Even more interesting is the fact that this video isn’t actually new. It was filmed back in March, and was obtained by the imperial propaganda organ known as Time Magazine. Time Magazine, by its own admission, was told by Abu Sakkar’s confederates – including its brother – that the video was genuine. Yet, by its own admission, Time sat on this video, claiming

“Two TIME reporters first saw the video in April in the presence of several of Abu Sakkar’s fighters and supporters, including his brother. They all said the video was authentic. We later obtained a copy. Since then TIME has been trying to ensure that the footage is not digitally manipulated in any way — a faked film like this would be powerful propaganda for the regime… and, as yet, TIME has not been able to confirm its integrity.” [Source]

Even though the terrorist’s own brother and gang members confirmed the video as genuine, and even though other videos of this terrorist exist, Time sat on it until the video was posted only by a “proregime” group on 12th May and went viral. If it hadn’t, one assumes, Time would never have let it out – though Western propaganda sources routinely pass off terrorist claims as proven facts, issuing only a disclaimer that “so and so cannot be independently verified”. 

Apparently, in this case, Time couldn’t verify it because

“Abu Sakkar has not commented on whether the man in the video is indeed him …”

I wonder if only a confession would be evidence enough for Time in other cases? Does Time consider, say, a drug-gang murderer or paedophile innocent unless he or she confesses?

I don’t think so, do you?

And if it had been a government soldier doing this, can you just imagine the outraged howls in the corridors of power at NAQZA and its media acolytes, calling this a proof of Assad’s barbarity and demanding an immediate invasion of Syria?

Of course you can.

Strangely enough, after the story broke, on 14th May, Time had no problems interviewing Abu Sakkar. This interview was interesting because not only did the creature admit its cannibalism, it made it clear that it was an act of war, not a “one-off incident” as the Fake Syrian Army leadership would have us believe.

“In an interview conducted via Skype in the early hours of May 14 al Hamad explained to TIME what caused him to cut out the soldier’s organs: “We opened his cell phone and I found a clip of a woman and her two daughters fully naked and he was humiliating them, and sticking a stick here and there.” [Source]

Of course, we have to take it on trust that such a video existed, or that it depicted what this cannibal and terrorist gangster would have us believe it did, and even then we’d have to ask whether that justifies cannibalism.

But that isn’t the end of it, as the creature made clear in the same interview:

“I have another video clip that I will send to them. In the clip I am sawing another Shabiha [pro-government militiaman] with a saw. The saw we use to cut trees. I sawed him in small pieces and large ones.”

Since we now have confirmation straight from the horse’s mouth that this wasn’t a one-off incident, we can be sure that more of this kind of thing will go on the longer this war continues.

This kind of war crime, of course, is in an altogether different category from the bombardment of towns in the course of urban fighting, or even drone warfare. The former may be a military necessity; the latter is sheer callousness and laziness. But this kind of war crime is in the league of the psychopath, not the fighter.

Let me ask you something – if this had happened in some Western city, would anybody have spent so much time looking for “root causes” and not calling the cannibal an out-and-out psycho?

Of course not.

There’s another thing to be understood – that no such war crime is a one-person effort. Even if one for the moment believes the Fake Syrian Army claim that Abu Sakkar’s “actions, it wasn’t exactly alone. It was surrounded by people from its gang who were watching and photographing it. They not only didn’t try to stop it, one can clearly hear them cheering. Any war criminal, in fact, is part of a chain of enablers, in this case the people who armed it and put it into the position of power it has now, the people who provided moral support by cheering it on, and the terrorist who videotaped the act. Each of those people bears a share of responsibility for this crime.

If the intention of the video was to frighten the Syrian Army and the government, or their Hezbollah allies, the opposite effect would seem to have been achieved; because what this will cause, of course, is anger and renewed determination to exterminate the terrorist gangs. Also, there will – and has – been widespread revulsion, including revulsion among people who imagined that the “rebellion” was anything but a Western-sponsored destabilisation effort. The Fake Syrian Army’s gangs are also hated by the people in the zones they occupy, because of their indiscipline, crimes and infighting, so that they even prefer Al Qaeda. All this is bad, bad news for the Fake Syrian Army.

Therefore, I predict that there will be a major effort at damage control by the Fake Syrian Army “leaders” and their foreign controllers. The first target of this will be Abu Sakkar itself. Despite claims that it would be brought to trial, such a thing will of course never happen. It might spill too many beans in the course of that trial and implicate too many enablers.

So, Abu Sakkar is a marked man, er, thing. If I were it, I wouldn’t trust my own shadow anymore. In a war where atrocities have become a tool, a bullet in the back is just another drop in the flood.

And ultimately that’s the reason why I concentrate on Syria; it’s because the choice is between (imperfect) civilisation and utter and complete savagery.

As of the moment, savagery seems to be winning. But it may not be yet too late to turn the tide.

Note: I hesitated a long time before sharing this video and writing this article. I do not, actually, enjoy atrocity stories. But I decided that publicity, in this case, was essential. If these terrorist vermin were to take over Syria, people should not be able to react with surprise to the bloodbath to come. You were warned. You knew what was coming.

I wish I could say, Peace.

4 thoughts on “Bill the Butcher ~ Syria: The Heart Of The Matter ~ Warning Graphic Content

  1. Shockingly I heard about this video a week ago on, of all places, CNN. I had no idea the vid was actually from March. This is unbelievably sick, but I can’t say I’m surprised this is from the “rebel” group the U.S. & NATO choose to arm.

    • am not surprised either, actually he is employed by aljazeera and if am not mistaken Qatar

      also on the barbarism, don’t forget many of the GCC countries dumped out their prisons and sent them to fight in Syria, often using families as leverage … am sure some were wrongly imprisoned political prisoners but others were probably like this charming cannibal proxy soldier …

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