A Terrorist’s Tale ~ Bill the Butcher

I don’t take up the gun against you
Because you bomb my cities, my villages

I don’t turn my body into a weapon
Because you build an Apartheid Wall
And cut people off from their water and fields
Or humiliate them daily at your checkpoints

That is incorrect.

I don’t even leave my daughter my wife
My farm and my crops
Because you occupy my land for oil
And sell my economy to your own companies
For less than a pittance or a song.

I don’t abandon a career, a life
And go out to fight your tanks your bombs
Because you foist crooks over me
In the name of freedom and democracy.

I don’t crush my humanity, and go to kill
Because you deny my existence
Or call me raghead and scum
And bomb children from drones.

No, I fight because
I’m an evildoer, and
I hate your freedoms.

Copyright B Purkayastha 2006/12

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