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Saudi-led aggression on Yemen targets the civilians and the residential areas committing massacres

Yemeni Source: 48 hospitals have been destroyed by Saudi Arabia and Coalition attack

To the United Nations ~ What is your function? Facilitate invasions for USA Agenda?

Barbarians At The Gate ~ Bill the Butcher

Yemen: “Happy Arabia” about to make Saudi Arabia very unhappy

Yemen Beware as it Threatens US-backed Order ~ by Finian Cunnigham

USA pulls out of Yemen after Al Qaeda Proxies in place with 500 million in “lost” US weapons and equipment ~ US Mission: Afghanistan 2.0 ~ Yemen


War and Doughnuts ~ love, Vicky Nuland …. A Family Business of Perpetual War

Seven EU Countries to Oppose New Anti-Russian Sanctions at Summit

Power Play behind Regime Change in Russia

Syria: Blood thirsty Clinton Pushes So-called Opposition’s Demand For ‘Regime Change Or Nothing’

Libya: Time for naming and shaming

Yemen: Ansarullah Will not Adhere to the Saudi ’House of Obedience’


Syria News 12/3/2015 ~ Washington Stresses Support for Terrorists in Syria

ISIS Using Chlorine Gas Roadside Bombs to Stop Iraqi advances

Russia outraged over attempts to frame Syrian government for chemicals use

Iraqi MP: Israel, Western Powers Continue Supplying ISIL with Weapons

Tikrit Operation: US Playing the Sectarian Card


The al-Sisi alternative ~ The Pundit’s Blog versus Facts

The CIA is Trying to Plant “Their Man” as the President of Libya

USA and Qatar to rebrand Al-Qaeda


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