Damascus ~ Qunaytra ~ Qalamoon ~ Syrian Army and Allies Rack Up Victory after Victory

/ 26 May 2015

armyI am having a delightful morning reviewing articles in the western press.  I am particularly interested in those treating the newly-formed Saudi-Turkish-Qatari alliance and the evolution of the Jaysh Al-Fath group.   They were very blunt: either get your act together, or we’re not going to give you money and arms.  Interestingly, “globalist” Takfeeri terrorist groups were left out in what appears to be a gesture to Obama offering up the alternative of a Takfiri group whose Weltanschauung is limited only to Saudi Arabia’s and Turkey’s bete noir, Dr. Bashar Al-Assad. 

But, the Turks and Saudis don’t understand the dynamics of this conflict because both sides in Riyaadh and Ankara are historically stunted offshoots of now-extinct quadripedal apes.  They just don’t get it.  Here’s the news as I am receiving it from both Latakia and Damascus:

Russia has increased delivery of advanced weapons systems via the ports of Tartous and Latakia.  I am in no position to tell you exactly what’s in the laundry list, but, Monzer writes that the Syrian  General Staff and the MoD are noticeably up-beat about the situation even though the doomsayers carp about Palmyra, Idlib and Jisr Al-Shughoor. (Notice all these sites are on the borders of other countries.  The rats simply can’t take over anything else.) I have been told by Wael that Russia’s visible presence is very unavoidable as its supply ships continue to both dock and moor in the main ports.

Hizbollah has called for general mobilization which means that reserves are being called up.  I can also confirm the reports we published of a large group of pro-Syrian Palestinians who are now positioned on the Golan and whose forces have been seen in the Yarmouk Camp area.  The actual number of these Palestinians has been mentioned in the press at 55,000.  I can’t confirm or disconfirm any of this because my sources haven’t mentioned them.

The front in the Qalamoon is deadly for Alqaeda and ISIS.  The last entryway into Syria is almost hermetically sealed at Faleeta as the other side of the vise continues to close also in Lebanese ‘Arsaal.  This is a well-studied front viewed as crucial by the SAA and HZB because once it is finished, it will free close to 75,000 troops and militia enabling their deployment to the expected front in Palmyra.  The reinforcements at Idlib have already arrived and are taking up positions  in Areeha.  My information is that the Russian Ministry of Defense is pleased with developments despite the loss of Palmyra; viewed by the Russians as part of that ying-and-yang, ebb and flow, see-saw and give and take of warfare with which they are most familiar.

For 2 years the most ignorant of journalists and scholars predicted the assault on Damascus from the south where in 2013, King Dwarf of Jordan, finally gave the go-ahead to open it up for terrorism.  This resulted most famously in the recent closure of the Naseeb Crossing, an event that actually damaged Jordan more than Syria.  In fact, the Naseeb Crossing was never taken over by the rats – the Jordanian side was ceded by the Amman regime to the terrorists.  Once they were in control of the Jordanian side, the Syrians told them: “Okay. No more passage through.”  And now, to exemplify the bankruptcy of Jordanian planning, goods which were destined for export to Lebanon and Europe rot slowly in Jordanian refrigerators.   Only idiots could have allowed such a dreadful conclusion.

And that is the story today. The Qunaytra, Der’ah, Suwaydaa, Homs, Damascus, Latakia fronts are going extremely well.  Not so in Jordan where more and more opponents of the Hashemite regime are clamoring for a change in direction – collaboration with the Zionist Entity rankling their nerves. And, Saudi Arabia, its “royal” family engaged in typical Byzantine maneuvers, is preparing for an insurrection even though they have delayed the execution of Shaykh Nimr Al-Nimr.  The explosion at the mosque in Al-Qateef came almost as a response to the delay, pushing for more sectarian infighting as planned for by the deceased arch-terrorist, Abu Mus’ab Al-Zarqaawi.

And Turkey, well, get this: demonstrations against Erdoghan’s policies are prevalent all over Iskenderoun Province with talk in the Eastern Press about a military takeover.  The Western Press doesn’t want you to hear about that.  But, that’s okay because what counts are the people who are directly involved.  More proof, also,  that we are at war with Turkey is the revelation that a Turkish officer affiliated with MIT was responsible for the heinous massacre at Ishtubruq.  Maybe the Turks need a massacre to remind them of their leaders’ war crimes.  Just musing.

WARNING TO ALL READERS:  The Western Press is publishing all kinds of misleading reports about the situation in Syria.  This is all coordinated with war criminal Obama’s continuous, and failed, plans to oust the legitimate sitting government in Damascus.

 تدمير مقر لإرهابي النصرة بمن فيه في بلدة سعسع بريف دمشق

East Al-Samdaaniyya:  The SAA destroyed a weapons’ cache and killed 9 rodents belonging to the Zionist Nusra group.  Also, reports came in that all wounded Alqaeda vermin were taken to Boria Hospital in Tabariyya for treatment.  Most died, according to my sources due to Zionist quack incompetence.

Umm Baatina:  East of Qunaytra City.  The SAA targeted and successfully killed a group of gathering rodents.  I have no other details.

Al-Mushayria:  More weapons, one mortar and a van were destroyed by the SAA.

Sa’sa’:  A nest of Nusra vultures was completely destroyed and all slime inside killed in a raid by the SAA and militia.  The raid took place after very accurate intelligence arrived describing the nest and the full complement of vultures inside.  According to SANA, there were leaders among the dead.  No names have been published yet indicating that the documents on their carcasses were forged or stolen.

Daarayyaa:  An operation by the SAAF followed by artillery followed by infantry assault netted these rodents:

Fareed Mustafaa Hamaama

Mudhar Al-‘Asali

The other 8 were foreigners, mostly Jordanteezians and Palesteezians.

Doumaa:  Artillery hit pay dirt here killing a pack of 5 rodents belonging to ‘Alloosh’s Army of Islam (yawn).  No names.

Dayr Al-‘Asaafeer:  Scores of rats reportedly killed in a village that should fall soon to the SAA due to failed attempts to bypass the cordon sanitaire around the village.  Supplies are running out for the rats and reinforcements are bogged down in Der’ah.

Read more at http://www.syrianperspective.com/2015/05/damascus-qunaytra-qalamoon-syrian-army-and-allies-rack-up-victory-after-victory.html#ObUyI8BlmKH7zPBH.99

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