‘Right Sector’ [Pravy Sector] is the American Daesh-ISIS for Ukraine and Russian Front ~ (Video+Photos of Crimes: +18)

the real Syrian Free Press

‘Right Sector’ [Pravy Sector] Kiev’s mercenaries posted pictures of Novorossia’s soldier with chopped fingers and thanked Americans for helping in the attack


One of the fighters of the “Right Sector” did not hesitate to publish the pictures of a captured militiaman, who had his fingers cut off on both hands. The characteristic notches and the blood itself are quite visible on the box in the photo.


In the comments (of Yashka Tsygankov account) the severed fingers caused a wave of joy and jokes.


right-sector-crimes-3 link at: https://img-fotki.yandex.ru/get/5353/94845085.113/0_122dee_8f93c3ca_orig

Yashka Tsygankov:

“Successful practice of an advance on Donetsk. At first, on a checkpoint. Turned out to be not a checkpoint, but a stronghold. Killed everyone. One surrendered. Saying, he is “just a local”, and started “just recently”. Just a friend invited him who knows where, and he had to stay there for 5 days.  Commander of a unit of the…

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