Question of the Day? NATO Lockdown

UPDATE: Global NATO Lockdown ~ Answers ~


Global NATO Lockdown on us serfs …. does anyone know how many countries are still NATO free and who they are? Trying to formulate list and is not easy with ever growing expansion in “a Decade of Peace” [sic] …

feel free to help me research this, also going to try and come up with list of countries US/NATO are pushing arm sales to that are already suffering economic woes …


First Question on NATO Countries answered by Rick Rozoff @ Stop NATO

NATO has 28 full members.

Its Partnership for Peace program has 22 members with a twenty-third, Cyprus, to join soon.
Its Mediterranean Dialogue has seven with Libya to be the eighth.
Its Istanbul Cooperation Initiative program has six members.
Its Partners Across the Globe program has eight so far.
The above totals 73 nations out of 192 in the United Nations; that is, 38 percent of the world’s countries.

If NATO succeeds in signing collective partnerships with the 54-nation African Union and the ten-nation Association of Southeast Asian Nations – a process that is underway – the U.S.-led military bloc will consist of 138 members and partners, over two-thirds of the nations in the world.

10 thoughts on “Question of the Day? NATO Lockdown

  1. in an interview i watched last night ..from the oliver stone movie south of the border …. from 2009 .. the ex Argentinian pm told stone that bush recommended war as a profitable economic enterprise … smh … if you get the chance to watch the movie i highly recommend it 😀

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