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The Anti-Empire Report #127 By William Blum – Published April 7th, 2014

Pushing Toward The Final War ~USA and Saudi Arabia are preparing a major deal against Russia and Iran

Washington expels all Syrian diplomats

The Anti-Empire Report #124 By William Blum – Published January 9th, 2014

Defeated By The Taliban, Washington Decides To Take On Russia And China — Paul Craig Roberts


US Terrorists In Russia ~ Chechen Terrorists are supplied out of Azerbaijan, which lies in the orbit of the Anglo-American axis

Mwuahhahaahaa “State Department Intelligence and Research Predicted 1973 Arab-Israeli War” [sic] …. more like arranged it

Egyptian Opposition Groups Call for Protests on Anniversary of Uprising

U.S. Deploys Warships, Marines To Libya ~ Navi da guerra degli Stati Uniti, Marines Distribuisce in Libia

Is Washington Deaf As Well as Criminal? ~ by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

Brutal mass killings rooted in the deep hatred held by US ruling elites, indoctrinated into the very souls of the young white supremacists in America

“Orwellian Ramifications” Begin to Unfold in Syria ~ by Ismail Salami

Where’s the Outrage: Nobody Seems to Care as America’s Becomes a Police State

US Proxy Al Qaeda Death Squads in Syria ~ by Stephen Lendman

US Treasury Confirms that Al Qaeda Runs Syrian "Rebellion" ~ by Tony Cartalucci

US Treasury Confirms that Al Qaeda Runs Syrian “Rebellion” ~ by Tony Cartalucci

The Attempted U.S. Siege of Bolivia ~ By Patricio Montesinos

Occupied US celebrates Independence Day

After being assured of Chinese support, Moscow literally fired two warning shots in the direction of Washington @ Syria 360

Hardware Over People at the Pentagon (Again)

KOSOVO’S “MAFIA STATE”: From Madeleine to Hillary: The US Secretary of State’s “Love Affair” with the KLA ~ by Michel Chossudovsky


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