Is Biden Looking to Reignite a Dirty War in Ukraine? Recent Visit by U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin Raises Concerns

Russell Bentley

CIA Director Burns subsequently went to Moscow to try and intimidate Putin into revoking troop buildup on Ukrainian border

[Russell Bentley, a Texan and author of this article, served in the Donbass army. His motivation was to fight fascism; he envisioned himself as an heir to members of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade who volunteered to fight fascism in Spain during the Spanish Civil War.

In part one, Bentley’s provides an assessment of the current tensions in the Ukraine and the character of the regime. Ranked as one of the most corrupt governments in the world, it is a monstrous creation of the U.S. empire guilty of large-scale war crimes.

In part two, Bentley discusses three potential military options for Russia. CAM’s position on this conflict is to endorse the Minsk protocol, which focuses on a diplomatic settlement that offers the Eastern Ukrainian provinces considerable autonomy and could help defuse tensions in the region.

The third military option discussed by Bentley—the Kyiv plan which would entail a Russian march on Kyiv—has three main dangers: a) Ukrainian rightists and nationalists would mobilize against the Russians and pro-Russian forces, prompting a prolonged and devastating war that could be a quagmire for Russia (rather than a cakewalk, as Bentley suggests); b) a Russian invasion would potentially ignite World War III by drawing in the U.S. and NATO; and c) it could even lead to the advent of nuclear war.

Russian President Vladimir Putin appears to be conscious of these dangers and intent on restraining hawkish elements within the Russian military—a good thing. At the same time, he has made it clear that Russia will defend its interests and not be pushed around.—Editors]

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One thought on “Is Biden Looking to Reignite a Dirty War in Ukraine? Recent Visit by U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin Raises Concerns

  1. In the 18th century, the Russian Empire, the Austrian Empire, and the Holy Roman Empire agreed to divide among themselves the independent nations in Eastern Europe. Predominantly Germanic regions, if Protestant, went to the Holy Roman Empire; if Roman, they went to the Austrian Empire; predominantly Slavic regions went to the Russian Empire. The Germanic majorities seemed to accept joining the Holy Roman Empire or the Austrian Empire, but the Slavic minorities objected. In the case of the predominantly Slavic areas, all hated being part of the Russian Empire. The Slavic majorities did not speak Russian nor were they Russian Orthodox, and, of course, the Germanic minorities hated it.
    Before, the Russian Empire ended at the Dnieper River, so all of the Ukraine west of the Dnieper River hated being annexed by the Russian Empire. In WWI, they welcomed the Wehrmacht as liberators, and, after the Russian Empire lost in 1917, the area west of the Dnieper became a German protectorate. In 1918, after the Central Powers lost, the Ottoman Empire, the Austrian Empire, and the German Empire were all broken up, with all the bits annexed in the 18th century transformed back into Poland and the Baltic States.
    Then, in 1945, the USSR reclaimed all that had been part of the Russian Empire, plus bits of the German Empire, the Austrian Empire, and the Ottoman Empire.
    But instead of the Ukraine west of the Dnieper, which wanted to leave the USSR, all the Ukraine left the USSR, including the bits that had always been part of Russia.
    From the time the entire Ukraine left the USSR until 2014, the president let the Russians speak Russian and practice the Russian Orthodox religion, and let the Germanics and the other Slavs speak their native language and practice their native religion. Fortunately, the US gave those who supported the Wehrmacht and the SS lots of money and weapons. The president who let the Russians speak Russian was replaced with a president who was not rabidly pro-Russian and who banned the Russian language and the Russian religion (letting everyone do their own thing was obviously rabidly pro-Russian, a neutral president like the one the US put in did the right thing forcing everyone to speak Ukrainian or German and practice the Lutheran or Roman or Ukrainian Orthodox religion).
    Russia was annoyed, and, supported by a free and fair election, which is illegal and not recognised under International Law, annexed the Crimea (part of Russia until 1954) and insisted that the Donbass people be allowed to speak Russian and practice the Russian Orthodox religion, a terrorist act that violates the Rules of International Law (Rules that follow the Thrasymachus definition of Justice and are only rejected by authoritarian, illegal regimes such as Russia, the PRC, and the DPRK).
    After transforming such major threats to world peace as Grenada, Panama, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya from impoverished, brutal dictatorships into democratic, peaceful, and prosperous democracies, the US is now ready to do the same favour for Russia, the PRC, and the DPRK, and should find this much easier than the preceding threats to World Peace, since US intelligence know the latter 3 are much weaker than the former 5.

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