President al-Assad to the Swedish ‘Expressen’ Newspaper: “Al-Nusra and Turkish intelligence attacked Idleb city like a joint army”

the real Syrian Free Press

Bashar to the Swedish Expressen Newspaper-3

President Bashar al-Assad described in an interview with the Swedish Expressen Newspaper  the outcomes of Moscow talks as a breakthrough and said that the UN envoy’s Aleppo plan, which is supported by the government, was spoiled by external intervention, renewing his warning that the terrorism imported to Syria will “bite” its backers whenever it has the chance.

He also called on Sweden to influence the EU to lift the economic sanctions imposed on the Syrian people.

The following is :

  • full video-interview with Arabic translation.
  • few video-excerpts in English-Italian-Portuguese
  • part of the full text of the interview




Excerpt ENG


Excerpt ITA


Excerpt PORT


Question 1: Mr. President, I would like to offer my most sincere thanks on behalf of Expressen for giving us this interview. Thank you so much. While we are sitting here, doing this interview, the terrorist organization ISIS and even…

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