Bad news, dark days, hard times

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No, I didn’t forget to take my daily Fluoxetine pill (Prozac, Sarafem, Fontex), I never depended on this or other medical drugs.

But sympathy and sorry feelings for Hugo Chávez, who’s cancer has returned, darkens my mood. Sympathy and sorry feelings for the 23 million Syrians who face an uncertain future darkens my mood even more.

I apologize for the gloomy and discouraging title, but during last week a string of bad news about Syria came in. I don’t mean the mass media propaganda lies about chemical weapons stockpiles or scud missiles, I refer to the disheartening messages written between the lines of alternative news sources.

The kidnappers of Russian/Ukrainian journalist Anhar Kochneva (more about this case in Get the word out, if you can) have threatened to execute her if their demand of a 50 million US$ ransom payment is not met. This demand was never meant seriously because…

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