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Erdogan Regime and the Traveling Terrorist Circus

Al-Hasakah: Syrian Army Secures 13 Villages in 24 Hours

Iranian minority Assyrians call ISIL pet dragon of West


The Absolute Necessity of a New Crusade against the Evil ISIS Plan

Al-Jaafari: Turkish regime gathered terrorists from many regions to make Syria a base for their terrorism ~ Syria sends letters to UN on Turkish transgression into Syrian Land

Pazzo americano terrorista Hillary Clinton dice cazzo delle Nazioni Unite, Stati Uniti d'America non ha bisogno delle Nazioni Unite per uccidere a volontà

Flashback Libya: Hillary Clinton’s War on World

Turkey’s transgression into Syrian territory proves its connection with ISIS, Foreign Ministry says

Syria: Deir Ezzor, Scores of Libyans Killed at the Military Airport

Libyan Green Resistance: big absentee at Geneva talks, but not silent

UN Sponsored Libya Dialogue Fails as Calls for Abandoning It Increase

Lavrov: Foreign interference caused outbreak of extremism, terrorism

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Subversive Netanyahu is Playing with Fire ~ MJ Rosenberg


Yazidis, The People of the Peacock Angel

The Engineered Destruction and Political Fragmentation of Iraq. Towards the Creation of a US Sponsored Islamist Caliphate

Mikdad: It is unbelievable international coalition combat ISIS while countries ally with it

What happened in Kurdish Halabja?


Burn ~ Bill the Butcher

Syria: ISIL Receives Largest Cargo of US-Made Weapons while Israel provides air support for ISIS

President al-Assad’s interview: “Israel is supporting terrorist organizations in Syria”

Prelude to an Attack on Syria? The Yassin Assassination ~ by Gary Leupp


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