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Al-Jaafari: Turkish regime gathered terrorists from many regions to make Syria a base for their terrorism ~ Syria sends letters to UN on Turkish transgression into Syrian Land

UN Sponsored Libya Dialogue Fails as Calls for Abandoning It Increase

Al-Jaafari: There is moral problem with how the UN Secretariat is dealing with terrorism in Syria

Victims of ISIS brutality ‘waiting on us to act’, Syrian Foreign Minister tells UN

Syria hails UN resolution banning support for militants

Al-Moallem: Syria prepared to cooperate and coordinate to combat terrorism as per resolution no. 2170

Syria calls on UN, UNSC to condemn Turkish involvement in supporting terrorist groups in Kasab district

Syria: Destruction and Murder Funded by Foreign Forces: Mother Agnes Mariam Challenges the UNHRC

Western-backed Forces in Somalia Stage Raids Into Five Strategic Towns

Syria’s Chemical Weapons Stockpiles to be Transferred to the Italian Mafia? By Felicity Arbuthnot

Lavrov: Moscow concerned over continued bids for foiling Geneva 2 ~ Russia calls on UNSC to deal constructively with draft resolution on humanitarian situation in Syria

Foreign Ministry: Israeli entity has illusions to try to legitimize its occupation of Syrian Golan

EU Naval Force Kidnaps Somalians and Takes Them to Seychelles

Foreign Ministry sends messages to UNSC and UN on KSA involvement in terrorism

Al-Zoubi: US decision to arm terrorist group constitutes backtracking from political solution

Information Minister : We are in Geneva to launch a realistic political track that takes care of Syria’s affairs

Al-Moallem : Counterterrorism priority for all Syrians , Wang: No foreign solution can be imposed on Syrians

Preparing Geneva 2 ~ Preparare Ginevra 2 by Thierry Meyssan

Al-Jaafari: No state can go to Geneva without stopping terrorism.. Takfiri terrorism is Saudi origin

Turkish police storms IHH after seizing truck laden with weapon on Syria borders


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