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EXCLUSIVE: Pakistan Plans to Help Al Khalifa Suppress Bahraini People

Thousands protest against drone strikes in Peshawar

America’s Special Envoy: What the Establishment Media Won’t Tell You About Richard Holbrooke ~ By Max Kantar


US Terrorists In Russia ~ Chechen Terrorists are supplied out of Azerbaijan, which lies in the orbit of the Anglo-American axis

Al-Qaeda International Communication Center Busted in Lahore


Armageddon: the India-Pakistan War of 2019 ~ Bill the Butcher

Bath of Blood in Karachi

Burnt Beyond Recognition: U.S. Drone Strike Kills 16 In Pakistan

2013: U.S. Continues Drone Carnage In Pakistan

CIA’s Role Response Staff Emerging From Shadows After Attacks in Libya and Pakistan

Photos of terror drone victims released in Pakistan

Pakistan-Russia: Important Shift In South And Central Asia via Stop NATO

Hillary’s Calumny: U.S. and Its Terrorist Clients via Stop NATO

Russia slams US terror drone strikes in Pakistan

Pakistan floods kill 422, displace 4.7 million

US drone strikes terrorize Pakistani civilians: Report

Hebdomas Horribilis: NATO Under Siege @ Stop NATO

“Drone Banditry”: America’s Undeclared War on Pakistan

US assassination drones kill 12 in northwestern Pakistan

Drone attacks in Pakistan bring ‘shame to people of America’


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