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Russians and Iranians are not playing games with Obama and his ISIS

Iraqi Prime Minister: “There will be No Boots on the Ground in Iraq” ~ BY LEITH FADEL


Evil Empire versus Evil Caliphate: an analysis of the lies of the Nobel Peace Prizident ~ Bill the Butcher

CIA: We have between 20,000 and 31,500 ISIS fighters on the ground

Pentagon hires contractors to combat Islamic State

Lavrov: Terrorism cannot be fought in Iraq and overlooked in Syria

Back In Iraq: We Only Want To Save You By Danny Schechter

Saddam Hussein’s Last Words: “To the Hell that is Iraq!?” What the Media has Deliberately Concealed

Come la NATO ha organizzato l’invasione dell’Iraq ~ How NATO organized invasion of Iraq

Information Minister : US has no evidence on Syria’s use of chemical weapons

Iraqi forces repel terrorists’ infiltration attempt to Syria

Solidarity! Iraq will not Allow Using its Airspace to Attack Syria

Three mass graves with 1,000 corpses found in Iraq

Tomgram: Engelhardt, The 12th Anniversary of American Cowardice

Depleted Uranium for Dummies

Iraq Blasts Kill 65 on 10 Anniversary of U.S. Imperialist Invasion

Voices Of The Voiceless – Lowkey Feat. Immortal Technique (Anti War Video)

Question of the Day ~ How you feeling USA knowing you killed over 2 million people based on a lie?

Raghead 13/3/2013: Ten Years Later

Donald Rumsfeld Must be Indicted over Iraq Militias


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