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US occupation transports new batch of Daesh terrorists from its base in al-Shadadi to al-Badia in Deir Ezzor

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Obomba Redux ~ Bidet Regime US-backed terrorists renewed in Syria

Biden Orders Airstrikes in Eastern Syria Targeting Anti-terror Resistance Fighters

US Saudi Coalition deploy their Al-Qaeda, Daesh terrorists in Marib Yemen

Marib Base for Saudi-Emirati Mercenaries, Launching Attacks on Neighboring Governorates ~ Idlib Redux

Regardless of Statements, US Held Responsible Until It Stops Its Aggression Against Yemen

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US-Saudi Coalition and it’s Mercenaries sell Shipment of One Million Barrels of Yemen Crude Oil | Yemen Press Agency

US-Backed SDF Militants Steal 140,000 Barrels Per Day of Syrian Oil in Hasakah

China Overtakes US as EU’s Top Trade Partner

Investigation DynCorp ~ Dyncorp Child Trafficking

Afghan people demand end of occupation | Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

Abu Dhabi and Tel Aviv to Establish Spy Bases on Strategic Yemeni Island

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