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La Clinton-Pinchuk Connection ~ The Clinton-Pinchuk connection ~ di Manlio Dinucci


Kosovo PM is head of human organ and arms ring, Council of Europe reports

McCain-Hillary in 2009: Libya is “An Important Ally in the War on Terrorism”, Gaddafi is “a Peacemaker in Africa”

From Afghanistan to Syria: Women’s Rights, War Propaganda and the CIA

“How Could this Happen in Country we “Liberated” [sic] cackles” ….Libya Braces for Unrest on Anniversary of Counter-revolution

Al-Faisal Admits Failure of Battle in Syria…Clinton: Terrorists Are Using Libyan Weapons

Clinton to Deliver Long-Awaited Libya Testimony

China-U.S. Tensions: Heading Toward War?

US Senate Panel Sets Hearing on Libya With Hillary Clinton

Unmasking the Brotherhood: Syria, Egypt, and Beyond

Unmasking the Brotherhood: Syria, Egypt, and Beyond

Syria: Spiegel Online changed, yet once again, the truth to propaganda

Russia Tells US: No Demand for Assad to Step Down … :)

Syria's Internet Outage & the Future of Information Warfare

Syria’s Internet Outage & the Future of Information Warfare

Grandi manovre attorno a Gaza ~ L’arte della guerra

Syria: Palestinians instead of radical Islamists? by Nay Akilah

Lavrov: Decisions Should Not Be Taken on Behalf of Syrians

Foreign Ministry: Terrorist Acts Supported by Some UNSC Members Uncover Truth of What is Happening in Syria and Those Responsible for Terrorism

Eleven Citizens Martyred, Tens Injured as Terrorists Blow up Booby-Trapped Car and two Explosives at al-Worod Neighborhood in Damascus

U.S.’s Clinton, EU’s Ashton To Finish Off The Balkans via Stop NATO

Russian Foreign Ministry Criticizes Continuing US Pressure on Syrian Government


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