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‘Right Sector’ [Pravy Sector] is the American Daesh-ISIS for Ukraine and Russian Front ~ (Video+Photos of Crimes: +18)

Damascus ~ Qunaytra ~ Qalamoon ~ Syrian Army and Allies Rack Up Victory after Victory

VT: Israeli F16s Falling from Skies over Yemen

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Syrian Airforce’s eagles have started to pound the ISIS terrorists’ positions near Palmyra ~ [Exclusive Video Report]

Saudi Forces Flee Border Bases ~ Video of Downed Saudi Jet ~ Yemen Updates: 25 May 2015

I Have Witnessed A Crime Against Humanity! – A Message from Caleb Maupin in the Port of Djibouti

Yemeni Troops Shoot down Saudi Fighter Jet in Sana’a ~ Yemen Updates: 24 May 2015

Ayatollah Khamenei warning about enemy plots to sow discord among Muslims

Might Makes Right: Slaughter of Shias in Saudi Arabia

Obama’s Terrorists Massacred Trying to Escape Attack SAA Positions in Khaan Al-Shaykh ~ Der’ah’s Terrorists Dying in the Hundreds

Countdown begins for Liberation of Jisr Al-Shughoor ~ Evacuees in Latakia for Treatment

NPG x10306; (Edward Godfree) Richard Aldington by Howard Coster

Richard Aldington: It was a war of missiles, murderous and soul-shaking explosives, like living in the graveyard of the world

How the Syrian Army Broke the Siege of the National Hospital and Rescued It’s Defenders

Obama’s War on Yemen Rages ~ Yemen Updates: 23 May 2015

Yemen: Saudi Airstrike Kills Entire Family in Dhamar province ~ Yemen Updates: 22 May 2015

The Great Big ISIS Movie Extravaganza Part XII

2012 Defense Intelligence Agency document: West will facilitate rise of Islamic State “in order to isolate the Syrian regime”

Syrian Army cuts all routes between Der’ah and Qunaytra ~ Disaster for Zionist Rats

SANA and our source in Latakia has confirmed the escape of all Syrian Army elements from the National Hospital in South Jisr Al-Shughoor

Saudileaks: Yemen Cyber Army Releases Hacked Contents ~ Yemen Updates: 21 May 2015


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