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President al-Assad: “International system failed to accomplish its duty… Western officials have no desire to combat terrorism” ~ [Eng-Fra]

USA and Qatar to rebrand Al-Qaeda

Sectarian Battle? Really Obama?? 5,000 Sunni Militiamen Fighting Alongside the Iraqi Security Forces in Tikrit


Raghead: The Nobel Prizident

Erdogan Regime and the Traveling Terrorist Circus

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Iraq: Hezbollah Iraqi popular forces shot down US military plane and helicopters carrying weapons/ammunition for Daesh

Al-Hasakah: Syrian Army Secures 13 Villages in 24 Hours

Iranian minority Assyrians call ISIL pet dragon of West

NATO Allies Turkey, U.S. To Train 15,000 Fighters For War In Syria

Pygmy King ‘Abdullah II of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan caught smuggling weapons to terrorists in Syria

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Archbishop of Hasakah: “Turkey is complicit in the abduction of dozens of Syrian Christians by DAESH terrorists”

Official: US Planes Continue Dropping Weapons Supplies for for ISIL in Iraq

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What did Libyans gain from the Arab Spring?

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Il video dell’ISIS che devasta il museo di Ninive

Why Arab Christians Support Hezbollah


Robert Graves: Military madness degenerating into savagery

Qalamoun region

Daesh plans to capture Lebanese territories, Christian militias have already taken up arms from a long time


The Absolute Necessity of a New Crusade against the Evil ISIS Plan

#Obama handiwork #ISIS ~ ISIS terrorists massacre civilians, burn Tal Hermez antique church in Hasaka

The Anti-Empire Report #137 ~ by William Blum ~February 23rd 2015


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