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Drive East: NATO, CSTO Now In Direct Confrontation

Americans are not ready to admit they cannot run the show


Maurice Druon: A contempt for all things military


Raghead: Indian Election Special


The day of the presidential election nears (June 3) and Takfirists going crazy of anger: Terrorist Mortar and Rocket Attacks Claim 7 Lives in Damascus and Homs


Terrorists mercenaries, at the service of Obama and the Zionist entity, in disarray and knocked down by the SAA in different areas of Syria

Ukraine, “Colored Revolutions”, Swastikas and the Threat of World War III By Felicity Arbuthnot

Lilika Nakos: “Surely God didn’t intend this butchery”

Videos: NATO’s Top Military Chief Invokes Article 5 War Clause Over Russian “Military Invasion” Of Ukraine


Alfred Neumann: The War Minister

Bringing Gunz To Protest Ralliez and Other Thingz You Can Only Get Away With If You’re White


From Maaloula, President al-Assad ~ Christians limit Easter celebrations to masses in honor of martyrs


Happy Independence Day, my beloved Syria! Still, we fight to maintain our freedom ~ New lies…and the truth behind the lies


Mercenary terrorist groups have committed horrific crimes, but were smashed by Syrian Army’s professional military operations in several provinces, while infighting between apes have sent dozens of them to hell ~ THE WAR AGAINST EVIL FORCES CONTINUE ~ REPORTS

Gabriel García Márquez: March 6, 1927-April 17, 2014


Audio Interview: NATO Includes All Former Fascist Powers In Europe

lindsay jack 5 (1)

Jack Lindsay: Who Will Dare Look This Child in the Eyes?

Обострение ситуации на Украине

Proxy Conflict With Russia: Ukraine Descends Into Open Warfare


Syrians celebrate Independence Day and army’s victories

Raghead: Crimea River


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