These people are maniacs – a resident of Mariupol talks about the nationalist battalions militants

Two Mariupol residents who left the city for Russia described the behavior of Azov (organization banned in Russia) militants in Mariupol. The interview was published by RIA Novosti on March 18.

Mariupol resident Irina Antonyuk said that after Russia launched a special operation to denazify Ukraine, Mariupol was abandoned by regular units of the Ukrainian army, and the only armed men were nationalists battalions’ militants. Lyudmila Vereshchaka from Mariupol also confirmed these words.

The militants carried out “total genocide” in the city: they burned large stores, burned drugstores, threw people out of their cars and took away their cars, and evicted people from their homes. There was talk that fighters were shooting civilians trying to leave the city.

“These people are maniacs. I can’t say it any other way, I have no words,” Antonyuk said.

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Video: On March 17 DPR People’s Militia and Russian Armed Forces Managed to liberate significant part of the Mariupol.

Almost 43 000 residents evacuated from Mariupol in a day

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