Reposting of an article on Kazakhstan from September

If anyone is on telegram here is a very good source of information
Intel Slava
Intel slava is a Russian News aggregator who covers Conflicts/Geopolitics and urgent news from around the world.


Pentagon seeks to gain foothold in Kazakhstan against China

Analyst Alya Kaminskaya does not rule out that the Pentagon seeks to use the Almaty hub [in Kazakhstan] as “an air base for reconnaissance and military cargo planes.” She points out that Almaty International Airport no longer belongs to Kazakhstan since news emerged in May that 100% of its shares had been purchased by Turkey’s TAV Airports Holding.

“There are two alarming things. First,Turkey is an active NATO member and the Americans can benefit from Ankara’s geopolitical expansion into Central Asia and the South Caucasus,” military expert retired Colonel Shamil Gareev noted. “Second, the Almaty airfield is the closest to China.For the US and Turkey, it is a perfect facility for reconnaissance activities related to China, including the Xinjiang Autonomous Region,” he added.


According to military expert, retired Lieutenant General Yuri Netkachev, “another reason why the…

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One thought on “Reposting of an article on Kazakhstan from September

  1. Putin was rather annoyed that the US gave a small, rabidly anti-Russian group enough money and weapons they could overthrow the legitimate Ukrainian government and take over, but in 2014, Russia was still recovering from Yeltsin. Still, Putin took back the Crimea and said the people of the Donbass, while still part of the Ukraine, were not subject to the new laws prohibiting the Russian language (which everyone in the Donbass speaks) and the Russian Orthodox religion (practised by everyone in the Donbass).
    After the coup in the Ukraine, Putin organised a tiny anti-NATO group of a few former Soviet Republics, of which Kazhakstan is a member, so when it looked like the US was trying for a repeat of the Ukraine, the president of Kazakhstan called and got enough support to remain president.
    Blinken made it clear the US are furious. Russia had no right to stop the transformation of Kazakhstan from an impoverished, brutal dictatorship into a peaceful and prosperous democracy just as the US did for Iraq, the Ukraine, and Libya, a democracy that would provide a corridor through which peaceful, pro-democracy activists like al-Qaeda and ISIS could get into Xinjiang, remove all the Chinese, and declare Xinjiang to be the independent country of East Turkestan (this has been a major US project for at least 20 years, and it looked like it was getting a LOT closer until Putin interfered).

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