Washington’s Role in Kazakhstan’s Chaos

2 thoughts on “Washington’s Role in Kazakhstan’s Chaos

  1. Lots in this. That the Guardian was one of the world’s great newspapers. Until 2013 when the UK constabulary marched in, smashed some computers, and said if the Guardian ever again published a story NOT from the UK (dis)Information Office, they’d be shut down.
    First half on how this was another attempt to put in a rabidly anti-Russian government, as was done in the Ukraine in 2014. But in 2014, Russia was not strong, so they took back the Crimea and said the new government law outlawing the Russian Language and the Russian Orthodox religion did not apply to the Donbass, but the Ukraine was still the Ukraine, run by those whose grandparents strongly supported the Wehrmacht in WWI and WWII and were briefly grateful when it liberated the Western Ukraine from Russia in WWI and from the USSR in WWII and who will do all they can to help NATO liberate Russia and break all their constituent Republics and Oblasts apart into tiny, impuissant, independent states.
    But that’s not the big story, which came up in the 2nd half: The US has been in Kazakhstan for many years trying to a) get Xinjiang to break away from the PRC and become the pro-US country of East Turkestan; and b) put a spike in the New Silk Road Project, which MUST go through Kazakhstan. The PRC wants to build a new rail line, one track, many very high speed trains.
    For now, the old Russian Empire used a different gauge for their rail lines than Western Europe and China, so attacks by Western Europe could not use their trains to transport troops and weapons in case of war. So all that was once in the USSR uses that gauge, and PRC trains must stop when they reach Kazakhstan, unload, reload, use a USSR gauge train to Western Europe, then unload, reload, and use a West European gauge train. The PRC wants to replace all the Soviet gauge rail lines with standard gauge lines so high-speed trains can travel non-stop from the PRC to Europe on the New Silk Road, and the US/UK/France will do anything to stop this from ever happening.
    With the collapse of the USSR, there was no nation that could stand up to the US, and they began their conquest of nations that offered natural resources they could steal. Why should Iraqi/Libyan/Persian oil, originally claimed by the US/UK/France, be squandered on the Iraqi/Libyan/Persian people? Better it returns to US/UK/French ownership and the natives go back to their divinely appointed (with US/UK/French help) primitive third-world lifestyles?
    Only now, there’s a bigger kid on the block who intends to put a stop to the big bullies (with a little help from Russia). The big bullies tormented all the other kids last year, but over the summer, one kid growed like Topsy, so that’s about to change.

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