U.S., Turkey eye Kazakhstan to penetrate Central Asia, spy on China, grab 40% of world’s uranium, “choke off (Russian) Strategic Nuclear Forces”

In case you missed it …


Pentagon seeks to gain foothold in Kazakhstan against China

Analyst Alya Kaminskaya does not rule out that the Pentagon seeks to use the Almaty hub [in Kazakhstan] as “an air base for reconnaissance and military cargo planes.” She points out that Almaty International Airport no longer belongs to Kazakhstan since news emerged in May that 100% of its shares had been purchased by Turkey’s TAV Airports Holding.

“There are two alarming things. First, Turkey is an active NATO member and the Americans can benefit from Ankara’s geopolitical expansion into Central Asia and the South Caucasus,” military expert retired Colonel Shamil Gareev noted. “Second, the Almaty airfield is the closest to China. For the US and Turkey, it is a perfect facility for reconnaissance activities related to China, including the Xinjiang Autonomous Region,” he added.


According to military expert, retired Lieutenant General Yuri Netkachev, “another reason why the…

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