Orc Man …. goes to Kazakhstan

Orc Man, Orc Man

Has a fan in Uncle Sam

Spins a web, full of lies

About freedom, or he tries

Look out! Here kills the Orc Man!


Is he stupid? Like the mud

Has alcohol instead of blood

Can he shell you in your bed

Here come his bombs overhead

Slay there!

There kills the Orc Man!


In the chill of fright

In the shadow of a pine

Like a cancer, or the blight

He murders you, perfectly fine.


Orc Man, Orc Man

Fiendly Murderous Orc Man

Shame and blame

He ignores

Bloodshed is his reward

To him, you’ve a stupid hang up

You want to live, pup

You won’t survive Orc Man!

Original Source


Updates: CSTO invokes Article 4, sends troops to Kazakhstan


One thought on “Orc Man …. goes to Kazakhstan

  1. Thanks for the information. The US is trying hard, but this is another Red Line for both Russia and the PRC. Mostly, we hear about the Ukraine, which is only a Red Line for Russia. Kazakhstan is another tempting target, and it has a small very anti-Russian, anti-Chinese minority that’s getting a LOT of US funding (they are the source of all those stories about genocide and slavery in Xinjiang, to which they are no longer allowed to enter and explain to the Uyghurs that it is their religious duty as Muslims to kill the infidel Chinese, but still they reiterate their first-hand eyewitness stories about all the genocide and slavery they have never actually seen).

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