Ronald Thomas West

By Russell Bentley


Recent developments on both sides of the Donbass War illustrate the obvious – the war in Donbass will continue and escalate until Russia finishes it by force. There is no diplomatic solution, the Russians now (finally) accept this fact, and they must now prepare to defend the Donbass region which is inhabited by almost a million Russian citizens, and to liberate the part of Ukraine populated primarily by ethnic and Russian-speaking Russians. The US/EU/NATO and Ukraine have all been pretending since 2014 that ” Russia invaded Ukraine”. Of course, it never did. But now, it’s finally time to give them all a taste of what that will really be like. And so,…

The provocations by the Ukrainian military for almost 8 years now, but especially in recent weeks, amount to de facto war crimes – the kidnapping…

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  1. The Ukraine, east of the Dnieper River, has always been part of Russia and are mostly ethnic Russians who speak Russian and are Russian Orthodox. In the late 18th century, the Russian Empire added a huge chunk of land west of the Dnieper River plus the Baltics, all of whom hated Russia, did not speak Russian, and were not Russian Orthodox. In WWI, the Ukraine west of the Dnieper River became a German protectorate after the Russian Empire lost to Germany, then, along with part of Germany and the Austrian Empire became Poland, and the Baltics became 3 independent nations, until, after WWII, Stalin re-annexed everything taken from Russia inn 1917 and 1918, plus bits of what had been Austria. All of which hated the USSR and wanted to be free.
    Then, after the collapse of the USSR, Ukraine and the Baltics became independent nations, with both the Soviet Ukraine east and west of the Dnieper River plus the Crimea becoming an independent nation (and the Baltics again 3 independent nations).
    In 2014, the US gave massive amounts of money and weapons to the descendants of those who figured the Wehrmacht liberated the Ukraine in WWI and WWII and they overthrew the elected government, a rabidly pro-Russian government that let all speak whatever language they liked and go to whatever church they liked and tried to maintain friendly relations with Russia and the EU, and replaced him with a strictly neutral president who banned the Russian language and the Russian religion, as well he should have one, but then Russia illegally seized the Crimea, which had always been part of the Ukraine ever since 1954 (but was part of the Russian Socialist Republic before then), and made the easternmost provinces of the Ukraine autonomous regions where the people could illegally, in egregious violation of International Law, speak Russian and practice the Russian Orthodox religion, a terrible atrocity that NATO intends to correct, restoring all of the Ukraine to full control by the good Ukrainians who strongly supported the Kaiser and Barbarosa, with membership in NATO, many US military bases, and nuclear missiles pointed at Russia, which everyone agrees is the only fair and just outcome.
    If Russia do not agree, Biden has said the US will impose secondary sanctions, meaning no nation can trade with Russia or buy Russian fossil fuel products, and Russia will be banned from the SWIFT system, which should completely cripple the Russian economy and force Russia into abject poverty with no money to support their military so they can easily be brought freedom and democracy, as the US did for the lucky nations of Iraq, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, and Libya, all of which were impoverished, brutal dictatorships just as Russia is now, and all were then transformed by NATO into democratic, peaceful and prosperous paradises.
    (Anyone who does not see that the US always transforms brutal dictatorships into democratic, peaceful, and prosperous paradises just doesn’t read the Western Press who endlessly reiterate this, so it must be true.)

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