Belarus: They hope for the best. Refugee children at the border

About 1,800 people, including many women and children, have been stranded near the Belarusian-Polish border. The Belarusian side is doing everything necessary to create decent conditions for refugees. However, the refugees in the temporary accommodation facility are concerned over the uncertainty. Children need special support. Children still hope for the best.

Lukashenko reveals shocking details of Poland’s attack on refugees in interview with BBC

“If we start a war here in Belarus, NATO and Russia will get involved. It will be a nuclear war.”

3 thoughts on “Belarus: They hope for the best. Refugee children at the border

  1. The UK/UK/France have destroyed many once stable countries, leaving no jobs and not enough food. The citizens are desperate and heard that Germany would welcome them and they’d find jobs and a decent life, so many try to come. Most EU countries say they will not accept any refugees, especially the eastern countries such as Poland, and Germany does not want any more and is deporting many it allowed to apply for refugee status that was refused. So the refugees are stuck with no one to help them based on the lies they heard about a welcoming Europe that caused them to spend their life savings for a ticket to Belarus.
    The Russian Empire ended at the Dnieper River. East of that river, most of the Ukraine is ethnic Russian, Russian-speaking, and Russian Orthodox. West of that river, most of the Ukraine speak Ukrainian or German and worship in the Lutheran or Roman or Ukrainian Orthodox Church and detest everything Russian. The Russian Empire annexed all of Ukraine west of the Dnieper at the end of the 18th century, and those annexed have hated it. After Russia lost WWI, the Ukraine west of the Dnieper became part of a re-constituted Poland. After Stalin won WWII, everything the Allies had taken in 1918 plus bits of Austria became part of the USSR.
    After the USSR collapsed, the majority in the Ukraine were from west of the Dnieper, so the vote was for all the Ukraine to leave the USSR.
    The west says, at the beginning of 2014, the Ukraine had a rabidly pro-Russian president. He said the ethnic Russians could speak Russian and attend the Russian Orthodox Church, the ethnic Ukrainians could speak Ukrainian and go to the Roman, Lutheran, or Ukrainian Orthodox Church, and the ethnic Germans could speak German and attend the Roman or Lutheran church. Fortunately, Obama got a strictly neutral president installed by providing the western Ukrainians with lots of money and weapons, and the new, neutral government said the Russian language and the Russian Orthodox Church were both illegal throughout the Ukraine. Putin then illegally supported the ethnic Russians in the eastern Ukraine and annexed the Crimea, which had been part of the Ukraine since 1954.
    The US/UK/EU have promised to rectify Putin’s illegal interference in Ukrainian affairs, but have so far done nothing but give the Ukrainian military lots of money and weapons.
    The US/UK/EU also want to bring freedom and democracy to Belarus, but have not done anything, yet.
    After the outstanding success in Afghanistan, where the terrorists who destroyed the World Trade Center were severely punished by being bombed for 20 years, and now have all food, fertilizer, and agricultural implements strictly banned from import and, we all hope, will soon starve, is the US now ready to take on Russia and the PRC?
    So far, only a few US/UK/EU troops have gone to the Ukraine, and none to Belarus. US planes fly exercises up to a few kilometres from the Russian border, but so far, only exercises.
    War is unlikely to start in Belarus. Much more likely, after massive gifts of weaponry, the Ukrainian government will attempt to impose Ukrainian law on the east of the country, ban the Russian language and destroy all the Russian Orthodox churches, and, as they did before, Russia will move to prevent this. Last time, the US/UK/EU settled for having most of the Ukraine and let Russian troops force the Ukrainian army out of the eastern region that continue to illegally speak Russian and attend the Russian Orthodox church. But will the Ukrainian army try again, this time with the full support of the US/UK/EU????
    So far, the US/UK/EU have stuck with ‘strategic ambiguity’ about whether or not a Ukrainian attack on the eastern bits will be supported when Russia take action against it, and this has caused the Ukraine not to send its army into the easternmost part of the Ukraine.
    Will the US/UK/EU force war? A scary thought. Fortunately, the US/UK/EU still seem to be too scared to try.

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