Mass rally in Saada denounces US escalation in Yemen

SADDA, Nov. 22 (YPA) – A massive angry mass rally took place in the city of Saada province, on Monday morning, under the slogan (US Leads Military, Economic Escalation and Continuation of Aggression and Siege).

The participants in the protest raised Yemeni flags and slogans of freedom rejecting the US hegemony, chanting slogans including (the US is the Great Satan).

A statement was issued during the rally, confirming  that the recent American stances against Yemen including the execution of prisoners on the West Coast are proof of the US falsity about their keenness to achieve peace in Yemen  aimed at misleading world public opinion.

The statement clarified that Washington continues to provide the countries of aggression with the arms and political cover they need to continue their aggressive war and crimes against the Yemeni people.

It stressed that the bet of the Saudi-UAE on the American support is a failed bet, and what was not achieved for them during the past years will not be achieved in their new escalation, stressing that our Yemeni people will not surrender their legitimate right to self-defense and will liberate all the Yemeni land.

The statement considered that submitting the aggression countries to the American administration and surrendering to its desires would cost them a lot, and the consequences of that would be serious.

It praised the Army, the Popular Committees, the Missile force and Air force  for their deterrent operations and painful strikes in the depth of the countries of aggression.



One thought on “Mass rally in Saada denounces US escalation in Yemen

  1. Under Obama, US forces killed lots of Yemeni women and children, all considered terrorists and good job by those US forces; however, late in his term, Obama had Saudi undertake to subcontract the killing of the non-Sunni Yemenis, and they’ve continued to this day.

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