United in bombing Syria: Turkish and Israeli presidents discuss “security and stability of the Middle East”


The only bone of contention between the two is who will be Vladimir Putin’s best friend.

Erdogan, Herzog discuss Turkey-Israel ties, regional issues

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Israel’s President Isaac Herzog on Thursday discussed bilateral ties and regional issues in a phone call….

Erdogan conveyed to his Israeli counterpart that relations between the two countries are important for the security and stability of the Middle East, and that differences of opinion can be minimized if there is mutual understanding on both bilateral and regional issues, according to a statement.


According to a statement by the Israeli Presidency, the phone call between Erdogan and Herzog was conducted in a positive spirit.

Herzog said he welcomes a comprehensive dialogue with Turkey on bilateral and regional issues related to peace, the statement said.


President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan held a phone conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Bennett, the first such…

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3 thoughts on “United in bombing Syria: Turkish and Israeli presidents discuss “security and stability of the Middle East”

      • Yes, just like the Saudi people appear to support the crypto-Jewish Saudi Arabian royal family too, it certainly seems on the surface that they support such ‘authority’, or, maybe, as in the US, the peoples of the rest of the world and those governed in Turkey and Saudi Arabia are merely told how they are supposed to have really voted and how popular the support for these criminal governments is among their peoples, even if just 10% foolishly support them at the voting booths. If the controlled media lies and tells these peoples that 90% of voters really voted for these criminal governments, the psychological effect is massive, and I think that is what is going on all over the world in many countries.

        Even 20 years ago, Muslims were telling me how fake some so-called Muslims are, referring to the Saudi government, so I think that while many Muslims actually know the reality of these things, as long as they remain obliged even by economic factors to remain in those actually Jewish-controlled countries under crypto-Jewish leadership, I don’t suppose anyone can trust the results of so-called ‘elections’ these days.

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