The World Celebrates Children’s Day While 43% of Yemeni Newborns Die Due to US-Saudi Aggression, Siege

Yemen: Prime Minister Dr. Abdulaziz bin Habtoor affirmed Saturday that Yemen is subjected to brutal US-Saudi aggression and siege, which negatively affected children in particular, stressing that the Yemeni children were the first victim from the first minute of this aggression.

During an official event held by the Supreme Council in Sana’a, to mark the World Children’s Day, Bin Habtoor said: We remind the world of their responsibilities before these children who hundreds of them die daily in a systematic targeting of childhood through direct US-Saudi airstrikes and siege.

For his part, Acting Minister of Human Rights Ali al-Dailami said: for nearly eight years of the aggression and siege, those humanitarian organizations, led by the United Nations, have not fulfilled their duty to protect Yemenis, especially children.

Al-Dailami added: The situation of Yemeni children is very difficult, and there are millions of children who suffer the siege and the aggression which affected their bodies and psyches.

In turn, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Naguib Al-Qubati, said that more than 300 children under the age of five years die daily as a result of the aggression and the siege and their catastrophic consequences.

“43% of premature babies and newborns die due to the scarcity of capabilities and the lack of nurseries and other medical devices,” he added.


2 thoughts on “The World Celebrates Children’s Day While 43% of Yemeni Newborns Die Due to US-Saudi Aggression, Siege

  1. Oddly, there is no mention here of UK special forces on the ground in Yemen, or of RAF training of the Saudi air force personnel and UK arms supplies enabling the greater part of the Saudi attacks on the Yemeni people,yet just a while ago, the RAF was boasting that the military successes obtained by Saudi attacks on Yemen could not have been obtained except with the aid of the RAF.

    Perhaps in the US media they do the same thing, when reporting on military action against Yemen, they may blame the UK for aiding Saudi military action against Yemen, so the American people will think it is all so distant from the Americans and really nothing to do with them, meanwhile, in the UK, the British public are deceptively made to think that it is just the American forces working with Saudi forces against Yemen.

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