Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: Open letter to the US Congress

Afghanistan has been blessed with a united, responsible and non-corrupt government after an over forty-years war. Practical steps have been taken towards good governance, security and transparency, islands of power have been eliminated, agents of corruption, embezzlement, usurpation and infringement of other rights have been neutralised, security has taken hold throughout the country, no threat is posed to the region or world from Afghanistan and a pathway has been paved for positive cooperation. Afghanistan now has everything available for growth and development, and the United States of America can also invest in the manufacturing, agriculture and mining sectors of Afghanistan.

It is quite surprising that with the announcement of the new government, the administration of the United States of America slapped sanctions on the assets of our Central Bank. This goes against our expectations as well as the Doha Agreement. The Afghan people, after attaining personal security following decades of war, have a right to financial security. Currently the fundamental challenge of our people is financial security and the roots of this concern lead back to the freezing of assets of our people by the American government.

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