Yemeni Ambassador: Biden’s Administration Directly Managing War Against Yemen, Not Saudi Regime

Yemen: The Yemeni ambassador to Tehran, Ebrahim Al-Dailami, affirmed that the millions of people, attended the  of Prophet Mohammed’s birthday celebration,  prove to the world that the seven years of war were thwarted and resulted in a better situation for the Yemeni people.

“We were not surprised by the international outrage at the great scene in Sana’a, and it is natural for the US-Saudi aggression to mobilize its tools, whether in the Security Council or others, after realizing their failure” Al-Dailami said.

Ambassador Al-Dailami questioned the reasons for American concern about Marib but not for the all Yemen. He explained that the American concern is an expression of its natural fears after the decline of its international reputation and its inability to stop the successes of the Army and Committees in their historical battle.

“When we see what is afflicting the rest of the countries in the region as a result of American interventions, we realize the importance of what was achieved in Yemen after cutting off the hands of hegemony and achieving independence” He added.

He indicated that the parties involved in the aggression against Yemen do not seem be keen on a political solution, and everyone is certain that these parties have failed their military war by all accounts, adding that during the last stage, it was noted that Biden, his foreign minister and his special envoy are directly concerned with the Yemen, not the Saudis.

He stressed that what will force the Americans to stop the war is more achievements on the battle field, and what Yemen is proposing in the context of the efforts for a solution is a legitimate right that deals with the entitlements imposed by the years of war, and derogating solutions will not bring the people to a conclusion.


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