Yemen: US-Saudi Aggression Relocates Al-Qaeda Operatives in Yemen from Wadi Hadramawt to Marib

Yemen: The US-Saudi aggression brought in during the past two days dozens of terrorist individuals to fight in the Marib front. Informed local sources confirmed that groups of terrorist elements have spread in a number of neighborhoods of the city of Marib, in addition to the presence of other groups near the Bin Maili station, east of the city.

According to the sources, the coalition brought in terrorist elements from Wadi Hadramawt districts, to fight alongside its mercenaries on the Marib front.

Hundreds of fleeing terrorist elements withdrew from Al-Baidha after receiving painful blows and the purification of the governorate’s directorates following military operation Fajr Al- Horiah.

This comes after the Army and the Popular Committees, with the support of the free tribesmen of Marib, took control of Abdiya and Juba during the past few days.


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