The British Dreams on Returning to Occupy Southern Yemen 58 Years After Expulsion

Yemen: The governor of Abyan province confirmed Thursday that the October 14 revolution has become today in dire need to defend it in light of the international and regional conspiracies being hatched in the southern provinces.

In a statement to “Almasirah Net”, governor Saleh Al-Junaidi pointed out that the British occupier, who emerged humiliated on November 30, 1967, by the will of our struggling Yemeni people, in the north and in the south, is delusional to return to the southern provinces after 58 years.

Al-Junaidi called on the free people of the southern provinces to prepare for a national revolution from the new occupation under the cover of the so-called legitimacy.

He talked about the grave violations suffered by the people of the southern governorates, deprivation of the most basic rights and services, starvation policies and an unstable rise in food and basic food prices, and the looting and systematic destruction by the US-Saudi invaders and occupiers.


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