It’s UN Meddling, Not Ethiopia’s Rejection Thereof, That’s A Stain On Our Conscience

The only stain on our conscience is that supposedly neutral UN humanitarian wings and Ethiopia’s alleged American ally joined forces to support an armed anti-government group in Africa’s second most populous country that’s pursuing regime change ends through what Addis Ababa regards as terrorist means.

UN humanitarian chief Martin Griffiths dramatically described the crisis in Ethiopia’s Tigray Region as “a stain on our conscience” just before Addis Ababa expelled seven UN humanitarian officials for meddling in the Horn of Africa country. The internationally recognized Ethiopian government which legally participates in the UN as the country’s only official representative had earlier accused the global body of supporting Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) fighters that it considers to be terrorists.

This is allegedly being done through the provisioning of military aid that clandestinely enters the conflict zone under the cover of being humanitarian aid. Humanitarian concerns are also being exploited to further meddle in the country’s affairs and thus pressure the Ethiopian government into making unilateral political concessions in the face of the TPLF’s demands. The UN’s humanitarian wings therefore cannot be considered objective actors in the conflict, which is the real “stain on our conscience”.

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