US-Saudi Aggression Continues to Mount Violations of Children’s Rights in Yemen

Yemen: Acting Minister of Human Rights, Ali Al-Dailami discussed, via a televised circuit, with the Director of the Regional Office of Defense for Children in the Middle East and North Africa, Khaled Quzmar, child rights issues, and the violations and targeting of Yemeni children by the US-Saudi aggression.

He stressed the partnership with agencies working in the field of children, to implement programs aimed at promoting children’s rights, in addition to the ministry’s move during the current stage to communicate with international bodies regarding the protection of children from violations of aggression.

He highlighted on the crimes and violations committed by the US-Saudi aggression and pro-Saudi government against the children of Yemen, indicating that more than seven thousand children were martyred and injured due to the raids and violations of the forces of aggression.

Al-Dailami pointed out that the aggression and its mercenaries, in the areas where they are present, deliberately deprived thousands of students of their right to education, by turning schools into barracks and military headquarters and a starting point for the activity of Al-Qaeda and Daesh gangs.

Defense for Children International – Palestine Branch has expressed its willingness to move seriously in international forums to activate the humanitarian issue and work to protect the children of Yemen, and move towards lifting the siege, stopping the US-Saudi aggression and ending the suffering of Yemenis of all segments.


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