Yemeni Children Condemn International Silence

Yemen: Thousands of Yemeni children have staged a demonstration in front of the United Nations office in Yemen’s capital Sana’a to celebrate the 7th anniversary of the 21st September revolution and to renew their demand for the United Nations to stop turning a blind eye to their grievance.

Protesting children said the Saudi war and blockade have deprived millions of Yemeni children of their right in having proper education and health care services.

Besides the brutal war, Saudi Arabia has maintained an all-out blockade on Yemen since the beginning of 2015, depriving millions of civilians of their necessities. This has pushed the country to the brink of famine and has wrecked the health care system.

Yemeni children believe that the ongoing Saudi war and siege on their country is the main reason for their continued suffering. They say they protest here outside the United Nations’ office in Sana’a to announce that they still have hope in the free people of the world, to stand by their war-ravaged country.


Marib Governor reveals statistic of civilian victims due to coalition crimes

MARIB, Sept. 17 (YPA) – The Governor of Marib province, Sheikh Ali Muhammad Tuaiman, on Thursday revealed a statistic of civilian victims as a result of Saudi-led coalition crimes in the province since the start of the war on Yemen.

The governor said, in a press statement, that the total number of civilian victims reached 1,794, of them 810 dead including 117 women and 71 children, and 896 wounded, including 98 children and 78 women.

The coalition and its mercenaries have caused the displacement of more than 35,000 families, he added.

Tuaiman stressed that the file of crimes committed by the coalition in the province was handed over to the United Nations during a meeting with the United Nations Resident Coordinator for Humanitarian Affairs in Yemen.



Yemen Crisis Suffers Wide International Neglect

US-Saudi Mercenaries Kidnaps 15 Women in Marib

Guterres Remark Is Politically Motivated, Came at Behest of US-Saudi Aggression

2 thoughts on “Yemeni Children Condemn International Silence

  1. The US say Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, the DPRK, Libya, Syria, Cuba, and the Yemen were responsible for 9/11 and must be punished severely. The fact that none of them had the slightest connection with 9/11 does not excuse the fact that most Americans figure they’re all guilty. In the Congress in 2001, only one Congresswoman voted against the bill giving all the presidents unlimited authority to punish anyone they declare guilty of 9/11, no need for a scintilla of proof or evidence. Anytime presidents want to bomb and drone any other country, the Congress agreed that they can as long as they use 9/11 as an excuse.
    In Burma, the recognised government say Muslims cannot be citizens, they’re all illegal aliens that the Brits brought in.
    In the Yemen, the recognised government say only Wahhabis can be citizens, everyone who is not Wahhabi is an illegal Iranian invader. Just look at the long border the Yemen has with Iran, and you can see how all those Iranians managed to get in. But in the Yemen, the US asked Saudi to help out with the bombing campaign, and the Saudis, always BFFs of the US, were happy to oblige.

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