To Help Terrorists in Iraq, US Prevents PMU from Running Recon Flights: Commander

Iraq: An Iraqi commander says the United States prevents the Arab country’s Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) or Hashd al-Sha’abi counter-terrorism organization from conducting reconnaissance drone flights against terrorists in the Iraqi skies.

Qasim al-Kariti, commander of the PMU’s 41st Brigade, made the remarks to Iraq’s al-Ma’loumah news agency in an interview that was published on Tuesday.

The US, he said, is coming in the way of the PMU’s efforts to surveil terrorist movements around Iraq in line with Washington’s bid to “support the terrorists.”

Washington continues to exercise a “complete control” over Iraq’s airspace, al-Kariti regretted.

“The US’s interference in the security dossier, has contributed greatly to terrorist groups’ activities,” said the official.

This is while, the PMU’s drones are capable of monitoring the terrorists’ “every move” and are equipped with thermal imaging cameras that could be used to monitor the security situation on the ground and whatever potential criminal activity in Iraq’s north-central Salahuddin Province, noted the commander.

Had it not been for the Americans’ interference, the same drones could even be used to neutralize the terrorists, he announced.

In 2014, the PMU, a predominately Shia defensive organization, was called on by Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani to pitch in helping the country fight against the Takfiri terrorist group of Daesh.

The group’s fighters contributed decisively to routing Daesh in late 2017, prompting the Iraqi government to integrate them into the country’s official armed forces.

Washington has, however, invariably frowned upon the group’s activities and the extent of its acceptance and involvement in Iraq’s military and political sectors.

On several occasions, a so-called anti-Daesh US-led coalition that has been operating illegally in Iraq has resorted to conducting airstrikes against the PMU’s positions.

The PMU has, however, vowed to keep coming to Baghdad’s assistance and further develop its influence.

Also on Tuesday, Falih al-Fayyadh, the PMU’s chairman, said the organization was to get as many as 30,000 more official fighters.

The new additions, he said, would take the overall number of the body’s fighting force to more than 167,000.

Iraq’s resistance outfits that have vowed not to lay down their arms until the US winds down its illegal presence and meddling in Iraq, have praised the Hashd over its resolve to enhance the Arab country’s security.

The groups have pledged to stand by the organization in its efforts to advance the country’s interests.


Airstrikes target Iraqi popular mobilization forces on Syrian-Iraqi border

SANAA, Sept. 15 (YPA) – Unknown drone aircraft launched airstrikes on The Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) near the Syrian-Iraqi border in the vicinity of the Albu Kamal crossing, southeast of Deir ez-Zor province on Tuesday night.

Media reported that the drones targeted two vehicles belonging to the popular mobilization forces with four missiles, which lead to their complete burning .

The  two vehicles were stationed as part of the readiness to prevent the infiltration of ISIS terrorists from Syria into Iraq and vice versa.

Iraqi media said the losses were limited to material, without reports of human  casualties, and explained that three vehicles of the popular mobilization and a thermal camera were destroyed

It noted that after the airstrike, US warplanes flew over the area.

Fearing a response from Iraqi resistance factions, the US occupation denied any involvement in the bombing on the Syrian-Iraqi border.

“We can confirm that we did not launch airstrikes on Albu Kamal on September 14, 2021,” the US coalition spokesman said in a brief statement.



2 thoughts on “To Help Terrorists in Iraq, US Prevents PMU from Running Recon Flights: Commander

  1. The Washington Post and the UK Independent ran articles about the real origin of ISIL in 2014. These articles are never referenced, not even by the Washington Post or the Independent.
    In 2003, Bush, Jr (or one of his minions) ordered everyone who had a job before the Americans came be locked up in Camp Bucca and subjected to ‘enhanced interrogation’, because all jobs came from Saddam, so those with jobs would support Saddam whom the US was determined to kill.
    But then, in 2009, all the prisoners were offered freedom, money, and weapons if they would swear on the Nobel Koran to go to Syria, overthrow the evil regime, and NEVER return to Iraq.
    All went well until 2014, when the ISL (all in Syria) said that a line drawn by the infidels Sykes and Picot was invalid, so an oath never to cross it was not binding, and ISL became ISIL. ISI are all considered terrorists by the US. ISL are all peaceful, pro-democracy freedom fighters. A group of ISL temporarily in Iraq just to escape the evil forces of Syria, Russia, and Iran must be protected so they can return to Syria. A group in Iraq to take over Iraq must be destroyed.
    The US remains on the side of caution, and does NOT want the PMU or PMF attacking any IS forces. The US and only the US can make that decision, and considers the PMU and PMF terrorists if they are attacking the forces trying to peacefully bring democracy to Syria.
    Today, of course, the establishment media tell us that ISI was created by the evil governments of Syria, Russia, and Iran who released terrorists from the prison Camp Bucca (a name that is Arabic, Russian, and Farsi) and lies on the common border of Syria, Russia, and Iran. They did this to justify their illegal campaign against those peaceful, pro-democracy activists in Syria whom all the Syrians want to liberate their country from the evil regimes of Syria, Russia, and Iran.

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