Taking on China over Taiwan is Biden’s biggest blunder yet – CGTN

Andrew Korybko

Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s testimony before Congress that his country “will do whatever it takes” to “support Taiwan against China” is nothing less than saber-rattling. This brinkmanship is even more bellicose when considering that he supposedly misspoke by describing the island as a “country.” It might not have been accidental though since it’s quite possible that America’s top diplomat intended to send a hostile message to China.

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One thought on “Taking on China over Taiwan is Biden’s biggest blunder yet – CGTN

  1. US intelligence know that most Chinese who have a home have a single room with no electricity or running water, and go to bed hungry every night. Many babies die because their mothers can’t produce enough milk. The Chinese Army is huge, but only has primitive weapons: no tanks, no HumVees. The Chinese have no airports except the ones the US built for WWII, no Air Force, and their Navy is just junk. China bans Muslims from following their religion. Mosques are prohibited, halal food is prohibited, and any Muslim who complains is put in a Concentration Camp where many are killed.
    And much of that was true 50 years ago, except for the Concentration Camps and the genocide, but who can keep up? When Trump said the Beijing Airport was better than the New York Airports, the moderator explained that was just another of Trump’s lies. Always good when the moderator is a far bigger liar than the candidates. I think the US probably excels at that.
    The Chinese now have a more advanced Air Force than the US, a more advanced Navy than the US, a tiny nuclear arsenal, but their army would easily defeat the US in a conventional war, and their nuclear arsenal is enough for MAD.
    The US say the Chinese do not have human rights, and China say the same about the US. In the US, the only legitimate human right is to vote for one of two crooks so the people decide who gets to rob them. The Chinese definition of human rights is a decent home (all now have electricity and running water) and enough food for everyone.
    It’s easy to see that the US is right, the Exceptional Nation that can never do anything wrong, and sure to overcome the PRC and make Taiwan either independent or the 51st state.

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