Unjustified US, British Troops Presence in Southern Yemen Back in Question

Yemen:   The arrival of US troops to the city of Aden, and their deployment in various locations near the vicinity of Al-Ma’ashiq Palace, with the aim of supervising security and technical equipment for the palace buildings, the expected residence of Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi, activists loyal to the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council revealed.

A few days ago, British troops arrived in the Yemeni southern governorate of Al-Mahra, under the pretext of pursuing the attackers of the “Israeli” Mercer Street tanker, which was attacked off the coast of Oman on July 29. The arrival of these troops sparked widespread anger at the governorate and all Yemen. Yemeni people rejected this step, describing it as occupation.

Justification of sending US troops to Aden for protecting Hadi, is a very silly excuse. It is known that Aden is outside the control of the Yemeni Army and the Popular Committees, and for years it has been under the Saudi and Emirati occupation. Saudi and Emirati forces launched their aggression against Yemen, with US-Israeli Western support, under the pretext of returning the Hadi to power. So, why does America fear the return of Hadi to his regional and international supporters?

It is certain that the US is attempting, by sending military forces to Aden, to achieve greater goals than providing security for Hadi. Through this procedure, it is trying to unveil the US role in the aggression against Yemen, to boost the morale of its Saudi and Emirati mercenaries.

The Saudi and Emarati regimes are on the verge of complete defeat, after the legendary steadfastness of the Yemeni people, who moved from the stage of defense to the stage of attack after more than 6 years of aggression.

Sending US troops aimed also to stabilize the division of Yemen to be a fact that must be accepted. They also wanted to directly control the corridors, ports and strategic geographical locations in Yemen.

The same is with the British military presence in Al-Mahra Governorate. Claiming coming to Yemen for the attacked “Israeli” tankers reminded Yemenis of the pretext used by Britain in 1839. It said that the Daria Dawlat ship was being pirated in the port of Aden then it occupied Southern Yemen for nearly 129 years.

The arrival of British forces to Al-Mahra Governorate comes in the context of legitimizing the Saudi presence according to observers of the Yemeni affairs. Al-Mahra has the longest coastal strip in Yemen with 560 km overlooking the Arabian Sea, and two land ports with the Sultanate of Oman “Serfeet” and “Shihn”, in addition to the Nishtun sea port. Saudi Arabia seeks to pass an oil pipeline illegally through Al-Mahra to the Arabian Sea.

The British military presence in Al-Mahra governorate confirms the inability of the Saudi occupier to impose its control over the governorate.

What is happening in Yemen now confirms the lies of the allegations of the US-Saudi-Emarati- Israeli aggression, regarding the “legitimacy” of Hadi. The aggressive coalition aimed at dividing Yemen, occupying its land, controlling its ports and islands, and plundering its wealth, for the benefit of the Israelis. 

However, it was confirmed that Yemen is not divisible, and the will of its people will not be broken. Throughout its long history, no occupier entered Yemen without being buried in it or fleeing from it. This fact was indicated by Sayyed Abdulmalik Al-Houthi who said: “We will liberate all of our country and seize back all the territories occupied by the enemies in order to subjugate them to the Americans, the British and the Israelis.

Translated from Al-Alam  


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