Ukraine’s Zelensky tells Russian speakers to leave country


What would the UN, OSCE, EU and other international and multinational bodies say if similar statements (see last paragraph in particular) were made about, say, Spanish speakers in the U.S., French speakers in Canada and Walloon speakers in Belgium?

“Russia or Ukraine”: It’s important for occupied Donbas residents to make a choice, Zelensky says

“I believe that if you live in the temporarily occupied territory of Donbas today and you think that ‘our way is right,’ ‘we are heading to Russia,’ ‘we are Russians,’ then it would be a big mistake to stay in Donbas….Because without Ukraine, there will be no civilization in this territory….”

“[If] you love Russia and have been in Ukraine all your life while feeling that it’s Russia, you must understand that in the name of your children and grandchildren you need to go and to look for a place in Russia. That would be the…

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5 thoughts on “Ukraine’s Zelensky tells Russian speakers to leave country

  1. Comedian Zionist Jew Zelensky is a corrupted cllown politician and a traitor.
    However, the truth is he never said, Russian speakers to leave country, but he refered to those who live in Dombas and believe that Dombas is a part of Russia to leave to Russia.
    By the way, Zelensky is russian speaking and he doesn’t know to speak properly ukrainian language. Moreover, the majority of ukrainian population even in Kiev speaks russian language.
    In the region of Dombas only 15% of population has russian roots – the rest of the people are russian speaking ukrainians.

      • I agree with your comment.

        The question is how is going to become peace. Is it going to become permanent peace in Dombas? Is peace going to pass though justice and international law or through even more bloodbath and military strength…?

        This war is on European land and should come to a final end not only because is a war between slaves, but moreover it can be used by the global elite in order in order to spark a new much bigger war using the conflict in Dombas as pretext.. In the meantime, young people are dying almost every day from both sides. Its a tragedy.

      • I’m hoping if Putin keeps allowing NATO to encircle Russia there is a military coup. He’s getting to be as bad as Yeltsin. U.S. needs tossed out of Ukraine. How this can be done diplomatically no idea.

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