Genocide: NATO War Criminals Continue to Cut Water for 1 Million Syrians in Hasakah


NATO evil criminals are increasing their pressure against the Syrian people after the Syrian people and their army and allies defeated NATO’s armies of terrorists, the largest ever formed in history, this time by blowing up the main water pump that provides drinking water to the province of Hasakah, the province’s population exceeds one million people.

It’s a war crime by all standards committed by NATO’s second most important member country Turkey, a century later the new generations of Turks will claim these war crimes never happened just like how they’re now claiming the genocide their grandfathers committed against all their neighbors didn’t happen.

Al Qaeda terrorists with the protection of the Turkish army occupied the town of Allouk in northeastern Syria soon after ISIS was driven out of the region and since then they are using the water to blackmail the Syrian state into political concessions, and each time…

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