Encircling China: Malaysia Next in US-Backed Regional Chaos

3 thoughts on “Encircling China: Malaysia Next in US-Backed Regional Chaos

  1. NED, hard at work. They were doing great work in Xinjiang, explaining to the Muslims that it is haram for a Muslim to be living in a Communist country, and the real name of Xinjiang is East Turkestan, a free, independent nation with a Muslim head of state.
    Sadly, the PRC has computers, and managed to get every NED operative in its database of people who cannot get a visa to visit the PRC, and they also managed to upgrade border security in Xinjiang, so no one from NED has been able to do their great, pro-democracy work since 2017. Which means the videos of people unjustly gaoled in Xinjiang just for tossing the odd Molotov cocktail or shooting up the place to bring freedom and democracy were all of Muslims gaoled before 2018. There has not been a single act of terrorism (just to promote democracy, of course) in Xinjiang since 2017.
    Not only that, but NED’s great work in Hong Kong also seems to have been stifled.
    Fortunately, NED seems to have had great success in Malaysia.
    I missed the name of the presenter. He kept saying NED is funded by the US Congress. The Grayzone says it is an arm of the CIA, just to put it in the right segment of US funded agencies. So always doing good work, spreading Democracy*.

    *Democracy – a system of government that always does what the US tells them to do, as opposed to autocracies, who do not.

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