Western Backed Terrorism via TPLF in Ethiopia ~ Updates

TPLF Plotting to Unveil Corpses of Children and Blame Gov’t for Mass Murder

The West is Using Terrorist TPLF to Weaken Ethiopia

 By S. Dibaba

Over the last three years, TPLF has been busy spreading false propaganda that led astray even the most powerful western countries and their modern media outlets who claim to bethe custodians of democracy, human rights and the rule of law.

In a regrettable underestimation of their partnership with Ethiopia, today,  some western powers led by the US are working from dawn to dusk to institute a remote controlled puppet regime in Ethiopia by exerting pressure on the country through their commercial media companies that are working hand and glove with TPLF. Besides they are providing diplomatic and political support for Egypt and Sudan who are already engaged in a proxy war with Ethiopia by providing military and financial support for TPLF.

Although a day dream byTPLF, the ongoing war cries to disintegrate Ethiopia into tiny banana republic’s is part of the fascist organization’s plan to create permanent instability in the Horn of Africa so that few TPLF leaders can enjoy their lavish life by literally sucking the blood of the citizens in Tigray.

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Residents Outraged by Crimes TPLF Committed against People of Tigray


Terrorist TPLF Coercing Mothers to Send Children to War: Leaders of Tigray Democratic Party


TPLF Plotting to Unveil Corpses of Children and Blame Gov’t for Mass Murder


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