After Syria, Libya, and Azerbaijan, NATO Madman Erdogan Sending terrorists to Afghanistan


The Turkish madman and NATO’s 2nd most powerful leader Erdogan vowed to fill in the void in Afghanistan of the other NATO troops after they complete their withdrawal, he kept 500 of the Turkish Army, still NATO, in Kabul to ‘protect the city’s airport’, but those are not enough, from where will Erdogan bring the needed forces to keep a NATO grip on that impoverished country?

He did it before and he can do it again, so he thinks, Erdogan since and before the beginning of the US-led war on Syria turned his country, Turkey, into a major hub and transit base for radical terrorists who follow his anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood doctrine from all over the world to be gathered, trained, armed, and then sent to fight on behalf of NATO where member states of the not needed any more alliance do not want to send their own troops to…

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