Western Powers Are Using ‘Aid’ as a Cover to Keep a Terrorist-ruled Syrian Region Afloat

The Wall Will Fall

By Kevin Karp


The Western desire to keep open the Bab al-Hawa corridor for aid into the extremist-controlled Idlib region of Syria is a ploy to continue destabilizing the Assad government, by propping up a murderous al-Qaeda offshoot.

Among the mattersunder discussionby US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva on Wednesday was Washington’s call to keep open the last United Nations aid crossing into Syria, in an opposition-held northwest part of the country at Bab al-Hawa on the Turkish border. It is set to be closed on July 10 under the terms of a UN Security Council Resolution.

MP Sarah Champion, chairwoman of the House of Commons International Development Committee, isurgingBritish Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab to tow the US line in a similar manner.

Presenting the aid entry point as the last bastion of humanitarian rescue efforts in the war-ravaged country…

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3 thoughts on “Western Powers Are Using ‘Aid’ as a Cover to Keep a Terrorist-ruled Syrian Region Afloat

  1. This is terrible. Turkey needs that border crossing to send money, materiel, and support forces to keep Idlib in the hands of al-Qaeda’s successor group. But the US only pushed through the UN Security Council a resolution that the four border crossings used to support the peaceful, pro-democracy activists like al-Qaeda in Syria and the Islamic State in the Levant be open until 2021, and that Resolution expires soon.
    Back in 2011, the US proposed a resolution to get rid of Gaddafi, and both Russia and the PRC voted ‘Yes.’ In 2013, the US proposed a resolution to get rid of al-Assad, and Russia ad the PRC both abstained (so the resolution passed, but it was vetoed by the UK Parliament).
    Sadly, the evil Russians and the PRC both say they will veto a resolution to extend the life of the border crossing, and those peaceful, pro-democracy activist will no longer be able to get the materiel and Turkish support troops they so desperately need.

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