USAID in Marib: New Military Relief for Takfiris?!

Yemen: The suspicious role played by the “US Agency for International Development” in Yemen is coming to the forefront again, with the announcement of a new “financing” that the agency will provide to the Marib Governorate, in which the United States has been clearly seeking for some time to save the mercenaries of the US-Saudi aggression. 

This calls for scrutiny of the nature of this “financing”, after it was revealed that the US Agency, earlier, provided weapons and military support to the elements of the Takfiri organizations in Al-Bayda Governorate, behind the “humanitarian” front.

The US State Department’s Office of Near Eastern Affairs said on its official Twitter account, yesterday, Saturday, that the US envoy to Yemen, Tim Lenderking, met with the Director of the US Agency for International Development, Samantha Power; “To discuss the need for more donors to provide additional financing to address the growing crisis in Marib.”

This announcement raises many doubts for several logical reasons, most notably that the agency was exposed to a resounding scandal last year, when the armed forces revealed scenes displaying large quantities of weapons, bearing the logo of this agency (whose work is supposed to be humanitarian).

These weapons were in the possession of takfiri organizations, led by “Al-Qaeda”, in Al-Bayda Governorate, which represented clear evidence that the US Agency uses humanitarian and relief work as a front to cover up the intelligence and military work.

At the time, the United States tried to cover up this scandal quickly, as it resorted, a day later, to announcing the seizure of an alleged “Iranian weapons shipment” off the Yemeni coast, to avoid the repercussions that the exposure of the “human facade” might cause to support the Takfiri organizations in Yemen.

Given that Marib has turned into a main den for the elements of the takfiri organizations affiliated with the aggression, many of whom came from Al-Bayda Governorate to fight alongside the mercenaries.

 Also, given the announced and continuous American attempts to save these organizations in Marib, by working to stop the continuous progress of the army and the popular committees, behind the facade of peace and humanity, doubts multiply greatly, regarding the financing that the US agency that will provide it Its truth was revealed as one of the tools for providing US military support to the takfiris and mercenaries in Yemen.

In light of this, it is not excluded that the United States has assigned the agency to send additional support to the mercenaries and takfiris forces in Marib, under the humanitarian cover. The timing and the political and military circumstances favor the United States to take such a step, especially since the “humanitarian” facade provides the Biden administration with a cover to evade the pressures it is facing regarding the continued support of the aggression on Yemen.

Since the appointment of the US envoy to Yemen, his main task has been to stop the progress of the army and the popular committees in Marib, by mobilizing pressure and blackmailing Sanaa with the humanitarian file. With the failure of this path, Sanaa adheres to the necessity of separating the humanitarian file from the military and political files. The fact that the United States, which is clearly upset by the obstruction of the horizon of extortion, militarily supported mercenaries and takfiris in Marib, is an expected behavior that will not be surprising or strange.

The suspicious role of the US Agency for International Development was not only revealed in Yemen, as the agency’s history in many countries contains similar episodes to what was revealed by the Yemeni armed forces.

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