Statement of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan regarding reports about establishment of American bases in the region

Recently, various media outlets have quoted well-known addresses that the United States wants to stay in our neighbourhood after withdrawing from Afghanistan in order to carry out operations in our country.

Due to the sensitivity of the issue, the Islamic Emirate wants to clarify its position in advance and share it with all.

Foreign forces are the root cause of insecurity and war in the region and the greatest tragedy is that everyone has witnessed in the last twenty years, especially our afflicted people who have suffered and continue to suffer more than anyone else.

We urge neighboring countries not to allow and grant anyone such a concession.

God forbid, if such a step is taken once again, it will be a great historic mistake and disgrace that shall forever be inscribed as a dark stain in history.

The Muslim and Mujahid nation of Afghanistan will not remain silent before such heinous and provocative acts. Rather, it will fulfill its religious and historical responsibilities in the same way as it has performed throughout history.

As we have repeatedly assured others that our soil will not be used against the security of others, we are similarly urging others not to use their soil and airspace against our country. If such a step is taken, then the responsibility for all the misfortunes and difficulties lies upon those who commit such mistakes.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

14/10/1442 Hijri Lunar

05/03/1400 Hijri Solar                26/05/2021 Gregorian

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