The Politics of Heroin and the Afghan US Pullout

Private Mercenary Occupation

While the Pentagon has been sly about giving any direct answer, it seems that what the Team Biden neo-cons are planning is a “privatized” US military presence. According to a report by Jeremy Kuzmarov, “over 18,000 Pentagon contractors remain in Afghanistan, while official troops number 2,500. Joe Biden will withdraw this smaller group of soldiers while leaving behind US Special Forces, mercenaries, and intelligence operatives — privatizing and down-scaling the war, but not ending it.” Already there are seven private military contractors in Afghanistan for every single US soldier.

Use of private military contractors allows the Pentagon and US intelligence agencies to avoid serious Congressional oversight. Typically they are special forces veterans who earn vastly more as private security contractors or mercenaries. Their work is simply classified so there is almost no accountability. The New York Times reports, citing current and former US officials, that Washington “will most likely rely on a shadowy combination of clandestine Special Operations forces, Pentagon contractors and covert intelligence operatives” to conduct operations inside Afghanistan.

The current Afghan government led by Ashraf Ghani, like that of Hamid Karzai is a creation of the United States. Ghani will remain Washington’s proxy in Kabul. His military is funded by the United States at a cost of around $4 billion per year. For what?

What is missing from the public discussion of Afghan troop presence is the 800 pound gorilla in the room: drugs, specifically heroin.

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Afghanistan: What type of government do we want?!

The Islamic Emirate was established to eradicate corruption, oppression and injustice, and to replace it with an Islamic system in Afghanistan. Our struggle has two important aims following the complete defeat of US aggression: the freedom of Afghanistan and implementation of an Islamic system therein.

Some political analysts from among the supporters of the quisling Kabul administration repeatedly ask: what kind of Islamic system do the Taliban want? They deliberately attempt to spread unneeded anxiety among the Afghan people. They further attempt to portray the Islamic system as an unfamiliar invention and not viable in terms of implementation.

Firstly, the Islamic system is not ambiguous in description, nor in implementation. The Islamic system has been described and its principles stated and compiled in the Quran, Ahadeeth and in Islamic jurisprudence. On a practical level, Muslims have experienced this pure system for centuries and under the peaceful shade of this system, many a disbeliever found peace and security. In contrast, the world suffered untold damage with the downfall of this system. Sadly, given the treachery of its disloyal sons, the Islamic world has been deprived of its implementation for very long. To add to this unfortunate state of affairs, various oppressive ideologies such as secularism and communism have been thrust upon it. So what kind of system do we want in Afghanistan?

We want such a system in our country where the murderer is subjected to qisaas, the fornicator is subjected to the hard punishment, the thief is punished, the oppressor’s hand is restrained from oppression, the oppressed are granted relief from injustice, the one who accepts bribery is punished and the public treasury is kept safe from evildoers.

We want an Islamic system where all the rights of women, as understood by Islam, are protected: where among other rights, women have their share in inheritance, are not given away to settle murderous feuds, possess the right to marry and of choice in husband, where those that slander chaste women are lashed and where she can serve her society in the education, business, health and social fields while maintaining the correct Islamic hijab.

We want an Islamic system where our terrirorial integrity is secured and where our country is purified from foreign forces and their ideologies, as well as any trace of Western legal systems. We desire an Islamic system that protects our religious values, national interests, culture and traditions.

We want an Islamic system that safeguards the collective and individual rights of people and in which none may cast an evil glance towards another’s life, wealth, honor and dignity. We desire that this Islamic system ensures that all our affairs are conducted in accordance with the Shariah.

We cannot tolerate a system in which the nation’s killer is a senator. We do not want a system in which the quisling President’s fundamental duty is to safeguard Washington’s interests and for this, he murders Afghan women and children and launches attacks on mosques, madrassas, schools and hospitals. We do not want a system in which the leader adorns invading American generals with flower garlands. We also do not want a system in which corruption has reached heights among the holders of power.

We do not desire democracy where the civil and military authorities of invading countries arrive without the knowledge of the President, demand a military base and position him as a soldier in the line!!

In summary, we want an Islamic system that protects the rights of both men and women, young and old, and Muslim and non-Muslim. This system would impart justice and create the conditions for peace, it would enable its citizens to defend their rights, uphold independence and deliver a humiliating defeat to every invader and rebel.

We cannot ignore the reality that our spiritual and material interests will be met and safeguarded in an Islamic system more than any other. All ethnicities and groups correctly identify their rights and interests as secure in an Islamic system. It is indeed only an Islamic system that can guarantee a prosperous and stable Afghanistan.

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