Yemen: US-Saudi Targets Agricultural Refrigerator Increasing Food Insecurity

Yemen:   The Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation condemned the targeting of the central agricultural refrigerator belonging to a farmer in   Sa’adah governorate, US-Saudi airstrikes.

A statement issued by the ministry indicated that the aggression’s warplanes launched a raid on a farm in the Qahza area, causing the complete destruction of the central refrigerator.

The statement pointed out that the refrigerator was a safe haven for agricultural products in Sa’adah Governorate and contributed to helping farmers preserve the agricultural products and fruits that they depend on as a main source of income for them and their families.

The statement stated that the central refrigerator contained more than 15,000 baskets of various fruits, that is, more than three thousand tons of various fruits, and generators for the refrigerator, while the total cost of the refrigerator is estimated at about $ 150,000, not to mention the losses and damages to its facilities.

It denounced the deliberate and systematic targeting of the agricultural sector, as well as civilian objects and residential areas, indicating that this would lead to more suffering with the siege imposed on the Yemeni people for more than six years.

The statement held the US-Saudi aggression responsible for the systematic destruction of the infrastructure, agricultural sector installations and food security sources in Yemen.

It called on the United Nations, humanitarian organizations and the world’s free people to condemn and denounce such criminal acts that target citizens’ livelihoods with the aim of multiplying their suffering.
Famine, Deliberate Targeting of Food 
The UN humanitarian portal ReliefWeb, in a report, referred to the suffering and famine of Yemen as a result of the ongoing Saudi-led war for the seventh year.

The report said that food insecurity and malnutrition are the key factors behind the number of people in need. 16.2 million people will go hungry this year, including 5 million are just one step away from being declared a ‘famine’, including nearly 50,000 thousand people who have already faced famine-like conditions in the first half of 2021.

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