Syria stripped of OPCW member rights after staged incidents

3 thoughts on “Syria stripped of OPCW member rights after staged incidents

  1. Whom are you going to believe? Junior members of the OPCW who actually went to Syria, examined the sites of the supposed chemical attacks by the Syrian government, and concluded the Syrian government never conducted any chemical attacks, or the senior members who have US visas and are living in the US, had the good sense to avoid Syria at all costs lest they be misled by what they might see there, so they got the irrefutable proof (classified, so no one is allowed to see it) from the CIA, and concluded that the Syrian government has been carrying out chemical attacks against its own people, good, peaceful pro-democracy activists who call themselves al-Qaeda and Dash (two Arabic acronyms that both mean peaceful, pro-democracy activists) who must be given full control of all Syria, since they have promised to evict the evil Russians who have been squatting on military bases that obviously belong to NATO and the US.
    Note that, in 2011, Russia and China both voted in the UN Security Council to let the US take out Qaddafi, and in 2013, neither vetoed the US proposal in the UN Security Council to force regime change in Syria (sadly overruled by the UK Parliament when PM Cameron called for a vote). But in 2015, Putin warned that the Russian military would fight to prevent regime change in Syria. Of course, the US is sure he was just bluffing. The only question is where to start regime change? Syria? Venezuela? Iran? The DPRK? Russia? The PRC? So many nations that desperately need their evil regimes changed, making it difficult for the US/NATO to decide where to start.

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